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The BMW M4 has established itself as one of the most popular cars for tuning. Here are some of the choice M4 chip tuning products

BMW included many trick features into the M4 including water injection and the engine has a terrific reputation for reliability and strength. A quality remap will make the most of these foundations while making the M4 faster and maybe even more fuel efficient.


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M4 Chip Tuning Boxes – In summary

There seems to be 2 types of tuning box solutions for the BMW M4

The types that intercepts the two air pressure sensors and the camshaft position sensor

And the other type which appears to intercept almost all of the sensors on the engine. With regards to this type of tuning box, the Burger Motorsports solution stands out in terms of price, but it does not come with the BMW warranty, if that bothers you.

As engine electronics become more advanced it is becoming easier to release effective tuning solutions because the factory ECUs are designed from the off to be able to detect engine malfunctions and protect the engine.

Make no mistake, the more basic tuning boxes are depending on the factory ECU to protect the engine. Older ECUs did not have this ability which is why tuning boxes for older turbo petrol engines did not exist. The technology simply did not exist in the cars ECU to protect itself should the worse thing happen, ie detonation.

Modern ECUs are constantly monitoring detonation and are able to adjust ignition timing if they detect it. It is normal behaviour. Older technology was not able to cope with unexpected knock

In short, assuming the tuning box is built well, the engine should be as safe with a tuning box as it is without but obviously, if you are putting more power through the engine, you are putting more stress on engine components and the gearbox, but this can be said for any performance modification including bigger turbos, different camshafts, race exhaust systems and so on


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