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BorgWarner EFR Turbos – Whats the delay?

It seems that the public are still having delays getting hold of the BorgWarner EFI turbos.

This is a shame because the EFR turbos had a lot of unique features which could cut down the cost of turbo conversions and turbo upgrades. Whats the problem?

This the BorgWarner turbo website but no info about the EFR turbos!

From Full Race

The most exciting technology in the EFR package is the low inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel. All EFR turbine wheels are made from a high performance lightweight material known as “Gamma-Ti”. This material innovation is not quite metal and not quite ceramic, it is considered an “inter-metallic compound”. Comprised primarily of titanium and aluminum (titanium-aluminide) with other trace elements, the Gamma-Ti turbine wheel is so light it’s nearly the same weight as the forged-machined aluminum compressor wheel. This approximate 1:1 turbine:compressor weight ratio dramatically improves turbo response. Further strength benefits are realized at high temperatures as Gamma-Ti gains ductility and exhibits very high stiffness-to-weight ratios with good vibration damping characteristics. The EFR debut marks the first time Gamma-Ti has been offered to the public across a range of turbine wheel sizes and at an enthusiast’s price point.

Do you want a EFR turbo but can’t get hold of one?

Do you have an EFR turbo?

If so let us know your thoughts! How was the delivery time/cost/performance, did it meet your expectations?

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