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Brake Pads Manufacturers – Performance & Racing

Links to some of the world’s finest performance brake pads manufacturers. Performance brake pads for the street and the track. Names you know and names you don’t 😉


Performance Brake Pads Manufacturers – Links

AP Racing
Carbone Lorraine
Performance Friction

Performance Brake Pads Manufacturers – Company Information

Alcon is a name synonymous with the manufacture and supply of high specification performance brake pads and clutches for motorsport and high performance road vehicles.

AP Racing
For over 30 years, AP Racing has had one aim – to create winners on the race track. The world of motorsport has changed out of all recognition since those early days and AP Racing have spearheaded every major development in brake pad and clutch technology.

Carbone Lorraine, Genneviiliers, France

Carbone Lorraineproduces brake pads with a new technology in this area sintered metal. From track days to WRC or GT cars, the Carbone Lorraine racing brake pads match every need,

Carbotech performance brakes feature a unique brake pad technology that is now being used by pro racers, club racers, tuners, and law enforcement agencies across the country.

Carbotech brakes utilize a ceramic and metallic construction in a range of compounds that out-perform competitive brakes. Carbotech brakes are made from compounds that offer higher initial bite, torque and fade resistance—providing consistent brake modulation and performance over a range of operating temperatures.

In addition, Carbotech brakes are rotor friendly, saving money and keeping your vehicle out of the service shop far longer than the competition.

Carbotech brakes give you:

Assured stopping power

Increased overall performance and handling

Excellent modulation and release characteristics

Better control entering the corners

Longer brake pad and rotor life—up to four times longer than the competition!

Longer rotor life

Non-corrosive dust

Carbotech is proud to have been selected as the Official Brake Pad of the United States Endurance Racing Association.

Get the Carbotech advantage!

Relatively new performance brake pad manufacturer, at least for the UK market. Dixcel equipped Honda Integra has won the NA class of the UK Time Attack Series for the last 2 years.

EBC Dealers: EBC UK: EBC Brakes DirectEBC Greece: Street & Circuit

EBC launched its AUTOMOTIVE range of Performance Brake Pads in the late 80’s and their rise to success in the European market has been nothing less than meteoric. Performance brake pads

Endless develops high performance brake pad solutions for the most demanding competition usage and for advanced street applications.

Ferodo          Dealers: Ferodo UK, Demon Tweeks – Ferodo USA, Brake Tech –  Ferodo Greece, Street & Circuit – Ferodo Germany, HCT
Ferodo has a product range that includes some of the most advanced performance brake materials available today.

Many suppliers compromise on performance by using only a limited number of friction materials to fit all cars. Ferodo do not compromise on performance or safety, we make more than 35 materials, each one designed specifically to suit its individual application. Performance brake pads

Fully developed performance brake pad materials formulated for high to low downforce racecar applications. Engineered with high torque, increased pedal modulation to improve the ‘feel’ for driver control and repeatability. In addition rotor faces will maintain excellent integrity throughout.

Pagid pads are produced in a total of seven different material formulations – each performance brake pad, the product of thousands of hours of testing and development work.

Performance Friction
Performance Friction brake pads and rotors are 100 percent American made in our Clover,South Carolina, production plant.

Performance Friction Brakes has been at the forefront of racing technology since 1986, winning in excess of 150 championships every year. The secret is that is engineers its calipers, Direct Drive discs, and Carbon Metallic pads as a system to give drivers superior control, the lowest lap times, and unrivalled fade resistance. Controlling every major component of the brake system allows its brakes to outperform the competition in every aspect, including bite, torque, release, and drag. With the sole purpose of making the absolute best brakes on the market Performance Friction continues to be the world leader.

Roesch – Roesch Τακάκια – Street & Circuit – Roesch Brake Pads USA – Roesch Brake Pads UK
The innovation of which we are especially proud is the creation of the performance brake pad built using Kevlar* carbon ceramic, which does not vitrify, never burns and provides uniform performance. These performance brake pads are efficient at temperatures as much as 30% lower than a normal material – no pre-heating is needed – and therefore prevent distortion of the discs and braking failures in extreme conditions, as well as the vapour-lock effect. And all at the cost of a normal spare part.

Trimat is a specialist UK manufacturer of friction materials that offers premium quality products and service to a worldwide customer base.

Established in 1962, Trimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares

Brake Components, Friction Materials and Brake Pads. rimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares

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