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Brembo – Brake System Manufacturer

Brembo is an Italian based manufacturer of brake systems for car and motorcycles.

Originally an importer of brake discs into Italy from the UK in 1961, Brembo rapidly expanded into the manufacturing of its own brake components in-house.

Brembo has established itself as probably the world’s premier manufacturer of performance braking products and brake discs.

Today Brembo supplies braking systems to most high performance car manufacturers including Porsche, BMW and Ferrari.

Brembo is perhaps most famous for it;s big brake kits which use the distinctive red Brembo caliper. Brembo was amongst the first companies to offer big brake upgrades for road cars but now the market for big brake kits is much more competitive with many, many companies offering brake systems to suit most wallets.

Something that maybe not so well-known is that Brembo also supplies a range of OE (original equipment) replacement brake discs that are very competitive in price and Brembo has an application for the majority of cars on the road today.

In addition to the standard replacement brakes discs Brembo also makes a range of performance brake discs in the original discs size. Brembo uses grooves and discs for its range of Brembo Max performance brake discs.

Brembo brakes are available in most countries throughout the world and the brand name is one of the most recognised in the automotive world.

Brembo also controls other well know brands in the automotive sector.

AP Racing is a UK based manufacturer of high performance brake systems for use in racing

Marchesini is an Italian manufacturer of Magnesium wheels for motorcycles

Sabelt is a world-famous manufacturer of racing equipment whose range includes seats, helmet and clothing

ByBre is an abbreviation of By Brembo. This company manufactures braking systems for small scooters

Breco is a manufacturer of brake discs and brake drums

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