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Budget Car Covers on Aliexpress – Which to Choose?

Car cover on Aliexpress.

I’ve been looking for the best car cover on AliExpress. My absolute top priority is UV protection. The project car (Octavia RS, read all about it here and here) is black and it gets so hot in the sun you can’t touch the paintwork. Plus the clear coat is on it’s way out so I’m trying to make it last as long as possible before the inevitable respray. But I digress. Here is a super brief review of each cover I bought from AliExpress.

I bought two car covers off AliExpress

This first one I bought was this. I bought it because it was the cheapest and because they shipped from Europe so fast delivery.

Plus Points

Great fit

Fine for indoors

Ships from Europe

Bad Points

Fatigues in wind. Cover disintegrates.

Single layer

Better than no cover but not a huge improvement.


27 Euro

The second cover

The second cover was this

This cover is on a completely different level to the first cover. Much heavier. Great quality and as the description says, a multi-layer construction.

Plus Points

Multi-layer construction

Much heavier than the first cover. Much more material.

Much cheaper than similar/identical covers available in Europe

Bad Points

Fit not as good as first one. A bit baggier.



36 Euro

Which Aliexpress Car Cover to choose?

The second one. By a massive margin.

The difference in price is only 9 Euro but I’d say you’re getting at least 5 times the product. It’s a no brainer.

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