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C63 AMG Review – Remap – Running Costs – W204 Coupe

All information in this article comes from LLFs review of the W204 C63 AMG Coupe. Link and video below.

457PS stock

Performance pack adds uprated front brakes, some SLS engine components & brings power up to 480PS

A remap, in this case by MSL, brings power up to 520-530PS. This is a “no brainer”. Power is there, Mercedes de tuned the engine for the C63

Non Performance Pack brakes and poor, Performance Pack brakes are a necessity.

Performance comparison, C63 with remap. Faster than stock M4, remapped M3 quicker.

Fuel economy city. 12mpg. 62 litre tank, 80 pounds to fill it. 150 mile range

Mercedes “Service Pack” gives a free major service and minor service.

Video link >>

Find performance car parts for your car on ebay

This is in Beta. At the moment only performance brake pads and coilovers are listed

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