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Cadwell Park Safety Improvements 2012

Cadwell Park is probably our favourite track in the UK but one thing that makes it so good is danger.

Fortunately MSV have managed to improve the safety of the competitors and spectators without affecting the character of the track.

Three-time British Superbike champion Niall Mackenzie has welcomed major new safety improvements at Cadwell Park.

The upgrades include an extended run-off area at Chris Curve, which provides greater protection for competitors and track day riders as MotorSport Vision continues to strive for optimum levels of safety at the Lincolnshire venue.

As well as increasing the size of the run-off area, a major ground-works project was required to raise its level to match that of the circuit, which involved movement of over 4,000 tonnes of material. 

The earth removal from the inside of the track also has the added safety benefit of improving visibility for competitors exiting the Park to Chris Curve sections of the circuit.

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