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Chip Tuning Box – WHY dont we recommend App control?

The leading tuning box manufacturers are in a mad rush to bring out App control for their tuning boxes. This push started at the start of 2017 and shows no sign of slowing down.

So how does App control work and what does it do?

App control allows your smartphone to connect to your tuning box. And when it connects, the user is able to adjust the settings of the tuning box. Different tuning box Apps will offer extra features.

So why don’t we recommend tuning box Apps at

A number of reasons

1.Unnecessary – Once you have found the optimum setting of your tuning box there no reason to change it. It serves no purpose. Dont be lured into thinking that just because the App settings say “Eco” it means Eco.

The fact is fuel economy is controlled by how far you push the accelerator pedal and how many revs you use. In short. The optimum setting for power should also give you the best setting for fuel economy.

Again, there is no reason to change the settings of your tuning box.

2.Complication – Read reliability. Adding a bluetooth module to something that lives in the engine bay is a recipe for something not to work properly. So not only is there no reason to adjust the tuning box, by adding a bluetooth module you are adding an extra feature that can have a problem.

If you cannot connect to your tuning box for any reason, there is no way to know what setting the tuning box has and even if the tuning box is activated or not.

Its a layer of complication for no good reason.

And this is why we do not recommend getting the “App” feature for your tuning box. You’re just introducing another potential point of failure for no reason.

Dont get us wrong, you want an adjustable tuning box to set up the product initially. After that, it is very unlikely you will need to change the settings again. Getting a tuning box whose settings can be changed easily by using a button or knob on its case is enough adjustability for anyone.

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