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Chris Harris & Nicky Grist Enthralling Podcast/ Interview

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Absolutely brilliant interview with Chris Harris and Nicky Grist both spilling their immense knowledge of the world’s greatest drivers. Its such a great interview I feel compelled to make in quick post with time stamps to the video along with accompanying video links of the events they mention.

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Here is the vid, time stamps at the bottom

00:30 Where Nicky Grist started
5:41 How do you make yourself a good co-driver?
8:00 Steve Davies
9:00 If you don’t have the inner confidence about something, perhaps its not the road for you.
9:30 The big step, Dave Metcalfe. 1600 Nova beating Cossies

11:40 Being in the car with someone driving quickly
13:00 Malcolm Wilson 1990. Sapphire Sierra Cosworth
14:30 Russel Bulgin
16:00 1000 Lakes first event. So off the scale.
18:00 Penti Airikkala as a team mate. Ronan McNamee
24:50 Toyota Team Europe 1992 & Africa
36:00 Service schedules
38:30 The breakthrough. Armin Schwartz
47:00 Kankkunen
58:00 Vatanen 1995
1:06:00 Cheating in WRC
1:11:00 ProDrive, David Richards & Colin McRae & Derek Ringer for 1997
1:19:00 Biggest shunt
1:44:00 Guenther Steiner
1:53:30 The parties
2:00:00 McRae not wanting the notes to give the direction of the corner
2:02:00 Did you think you were lucky to be with Colin?
2:06:40 Peugeot 206 weapon, year 2000, Gronholm & Auriel
2:11:00 Metal rod into the arse from concrete
2:11:30 Carlos Sainz vs McRae
2:14:00 Massive shunt, cheek bone, McRae stuck in car
2:26:00 Corsica crash the following year
2:28:00 Tanak Monte Carlo
2:28:30 Near death
2:32:00 Communication
2:33:00 Arcopolis
2:36:00 The dip
2:43:00 Rally GB 2001, Burns vs McRae
2:52:00 The breakup
2:59:30 Loeb. A new style of driving.
3:02:00 Skoda Fabia. Australia. Reunification 2005. Delecour crash 2001
3:08:00 Nightmare service Australia
3:11:30 Rally GB, Michael Park. Skoda publicity. Group N entry for Chris Harris
3:15:00 X-Games, rolling the Impreza. Americans thought Colin was fictional

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