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Chris Harris & Nicky Grist Enthralling Podcast/ Interview

Absolutely brilliant interview with Chris Harris and Nicky Grist both spilling their immense knowledge of the world’s greatest drivers. Its such a great interview I feel compelled to make in quick post with time stamps to the video along with accompanying video links of the events they mention.

Here is the vid, time stamps at the bottom

00:30 Where Nicky Grist started
5:41 How do you make yourself a good co-driver?
8:00 Steve Davies
9:00 If you don’t have the inner confidence about something, perhaps its not the road for you.
9:30 The big step, Dave Metcalfe. 1600 Nova beating Cossies

11:40 Being in the car with someone driving quickly
13:00 Malcolm Wilson 1990. Sapphire Sierra Cosworth
14:30 Russel Bulgin
16:00 1000 Lakes first event. So off the scale.
18:00 Penti Airikkala as a team mate. Ronan McNamee
24:50 Toyota Team Europe 1992 & Africa
36:00 Service schedules
38:30 The breakthrough. Armin Schwartz
47:00 Kankkunen
58:00 Vatanen 1995
1:06:00 Cheating in WRC
1:11:00 ProDrive, David Richards & Colin McRae & Derek Ringer for 1997
1:19:00 Biggest shunt
1:44:00 Guenther Steiner
1:53:30 The parties
2:00:00 McRae not wanting the notes to give the direction of the corner
2:02:00 Did you think you were lucky to be with Colin?
2:06:40 Peugeot 206 weapon, year 2000, Gronholm & Auriel
2:11:00 Metal rod into the arse from concrete
2:11:30 Carlos Sainz vs McRae
2:14:00 Massive shunt, cheek bone, McRae stuck in car
2:26:00 Corsica crash the following year
2:28:00 Tanak Monte Carlo
2:28:30 Near death
2:32:00 Communication
2:33:00 Arcopolis
2:36:00 The dip
2:43:00 Rally GB 2001, Burns vs McRae
2:52:00 The breakup
2:59:30 Loeb. A new style of driving.
3:02:00 Skoda Fabia. Australia. Reunification 2005. Delecour crash 2001
3:08:00 Nightmare service Australia
3:11:30 Rally GB, Michael Park. Skoda publicity. Group N entry for Chris Harris
3:15:00 X-Games, rolling the Impreza. Americans thought Colin was fictional

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