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The Stig from Top Gear – His Legal Battle

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Road to Sucess – What really happened to the Top Gear Stig? Ben Collins’ interview is broad ranging. How Top Gear was a dream job but they way it ended was wrong in his opinion. Which led to the legal battle and “the book they tried to ban” – Ben Collins The Stig Breaks Silence: The TRUTH About Top Gear and Motor Racing – YouTube

Smoking Tyre – Cyber Truck slated. Way it’s being marketed is all wrong according to Farah. Phrases like “if you are in a crash, you’re going to win” sends out all of the wrong messages. Couple this with the “self” driving tech, the speed of the truck and it’s weight, it’s a potential disaster in the wrong hands of someone with the wrong mentality – Cyber Truck / Contest Winner! / The Prius?! – TST Podcast #883 – YouTube

Collecting Cars – Massive depreciation for premium cars imminent. Ed Lovett has been saying there is a tsunami incoming for the past 6 months. His argument being depreciation over the past two years has been almost non-existent and that will correct itself. Quickly. – Collecting Addicts Episode 44: Car OCD, Don’t Curb Your Wheels & The Best Car Bargain of 2023! – YouTube

No end of new M2s on Autotrader – New & Used Cars for Sale – Auto Trader UK

Behind the Glass – Tony explains his new car buying experience in the UK and how main dealers are putting people off buying new cars – We React To The T.50 & Cybertruck Reviews! [S6, E60] – YouTube


Cleetus – F150 Whipple supercharger, Hilarious & Fast. 9 second 1/4. Passenger rides, Drag strip. Comic gold – Our Whipple Supercharged F-150 is Complete… IT’S INSANE!!! (HUGE 4wd Burnouts) – YouTube
Drag Racing the Whipple F-150 and Rat Rod Supra! They’re WAY FASTER Than We Thought!!! – YouTube

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StrikeEngine TV Highlights


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