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Coilovers are an adjustable form of suspension for road or race cars. Coilovers allow you to change your springs rates and damper rates easily and with minimum hassle.By adjusting ride height and damping characteristics ie bump and rebound, the balance (understeer/oversteer) and grip of the chassis can be altered.

Coilovers come in a variety of forms from kits which are only adjustable for height to kits which are height adjustable, and are damping adjustable, not just compression and rebound independently but also adjustable for high and low speed movements.

In our opinion, at a minimum a coilover suspension kit should be height adjustable and damping adjustable.

The manufacturers on this page offer a huge variety of coilovers from the budget minded to full on F1/Le mans/Touring Car specification.

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Coilovers Suspension – Manufacturer Info

AVO are a long established name in suspension based in the UK. AVO make coilover suspension kits for a wide range of cars.

BC Racing

A legendary manufacturer of suspension parts. Bilstein’s PSS9/PSS10 coilovers are synonymous in the performance automotive industry for their toughness and OE quality.

Cusco manufacturer a wide variety of suspension components including their own range of coilover suspension kits, some of which can be adjusted from inside the car

A budget manufacturer of coilover suspension kits and big brake kits

A range of coil over suspension kits for European and Japanese cars. Gaz produce 2 levels of coil over, one is intended for fast road use while the other is stronger and is suitable for motorsport and track day use.

H&R is the pioneer in coilover suspensions with TUV approval: development and production for a range of models started back in the late eighties. Quality monotube gas shock absorbers include state-of the- art upside down technology accompanied by specifically designed springs to meet the target: Superior handling, nice ride and perfect stance.

HKS Hipermax coilover suspension is available in many types to suit most racing conditions

Another budget manufacturer of coilover suspension kits from the far east. K-Sport also manufacturer an air suspension kit

Japanese coilover suspension manufacturer for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Suzuki

Moton Suspension Technology, The Netherlands
Moton Suspension Technology based in Uden in The Netherlands, specialises in custom-built dampers including McPherson struts for racing and high performance road applications. The company has built up a wealth of experience in developing and producing double. triple and 4-way adjustable damper systems. Moton’s aim is to supply a total service for its customers and it gives trackside support at many GT and touring car races worldwide Its Championship winning customers include the FIA Gl ALMS. LMES. ETCC. WTCC and many more

MTS Technik
reliable and affordable sports suspensions

Nitron offer a range of high quality remote reservoir coilover suspension systems. Made in the UK and used extensively in motorsport

Ohlins                    uk supplier – aurok
A legendary name in the world of motorsport.

silk road
Japanese performance suspension kits for:
Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, rx7, rx8, civic, Altezza, mr2, supra, r32, r34, 350z,

SPAX has been making suspension for the past 58 years. and is one of the best known manufacturers in the world and is the U.K.’s leading brand of performance suspension.

Located in the heart of Formula 1 country, our suspension is designed and hand-built to the same meticulous standards as our motorsport dampers to produce winning performance straight from the box.

We have our own factory with latest kanban techniques, 16 quality inspectors that monitor every stage of the production process and every unit is tested on a computer controlled Dynamometer to certify quality and performance.

All SPAX manufactured dampers are powder coated and oven baked to guarantee “second to none” quality of finish.

SPAX Krypton gas pressurised dampers use “wet damper” technology that gives superior performance and life. SPAX adjustable damping kits come with 28 stages of on car stiffness adjustment. The adjustment is made with no dismantling and it alters both the bump and rebound forces in unison. The Coilover threads are Stainless Steel and the bodies are epoxy powder coated for long life. Dampers are pressurised with Krypton gas for good low speed ride and excellent handling at high speeds. Springs are made from Chrome Silicone Steel and are progressively wound. All our dampers are computer Dyno tested before they leave the production line to ensure every damper is 100% efficient. All SPAX kits and dampers are handmade here in the UK by skilled engineers, and are TUV approved.

Tein                    supplier/dealer: uk – option motorsport Greece –street and circuit

Primarily a coil over suspension kit manufacturer based in Japan. The company makes coil over suspension kits from street use to specific drift spec. Its performance suspension kits and products are heavily advertised in Japanese performance magazines.

We’re Top Company
WAT Co. was established in Taichung, Taiwan, 1998, starting as a distributor for Sard, a Japanese brand. We specialized in the production of parts and components for performance cars and also make D2’s racing cars. Our products include: Suspension, Intake Manifold, Rear Camber Adjuster Upper Arm, Tension & Adjuster Rod, Turbo(TD05H-16G,18G,20G, EVO3.8), Exhaust Manifold, Brake Pads, Waste Gate, etc. All of them have been tested by our own professional car racing team to ensure high quality and reliability.

* We accept orders of special requirements and manufacture parts and components according to your unique specifications (photos, drawings, images¡Ketc.) as long as we are given exact size and images.
* You name it, we make it.

Coilovers – Comparison Video

ModelPriceDesign Mono TwinRepIndependent Bump ReboundLow Bump AdjustmentHigh Bump AdjustmentLow Reb AdjustHigh Rebound AdjustmentHeight AdjustApp ListSpring OpWeightTop MountExternal ResevoirTotal
KWVariant 3100101051051056060077
AVOTriple Adjustable75610101001052470076
BCER Series10071001001075232571
EibachPro Street Multi7591001001052560069
SpaxTrack Spax DA100710010010524100068
K-SportSuper Sport7031001001078232567
D2Super Sport7021001001078232566
LargusSpec RS7521001001072242566
TEINSuper Racing5581001001052442065
OhlinsRoad & Track609051051056062064
CuscoZero 3S556001001073052053
HKSHyperMAx IV SP756001001072032052

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