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Collecting A New McLaren 720S In The F12 TDF!





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1 thought on “Collecting A New McLaren 720S In The F12 TDF!

  1. maybe im jealous but these guys that keeping buying supercars have a distinct lack of imagination.

    How much is a 720S? 200k+

    imagine the sort of car you could build for that. Imagine Mercedes 190E with an EVO2 body kit. 10K

    Seam weld the shell with partial roll cage 10K

    Any engine you want, fully built RB26, 2JZ for an easy 700bhp 20K

    any adjustable suspension you can imagine 10K

    any interior you want 10K

    transmission, any sequential you want 5K

    brakes and wheels 5K

    thats 70k tops for a 700bhp car that looks absolutely amazing and is infinitely more interesting than a 720S


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