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CRZ Hybrid is Pathetic

Never ones to shy away from giving hybrid cars a good kick-in we thought we would turn our attention to the Honda CRZ. The Honda CRZ has been on a tour-de-force of PR for the past 3 months of so but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is completely and utterly pants not to mention extremely damaging to the environment.

The Honda CRZ is supposed to be a generally a good car according to the reports, I suppose those reports must have ignored the Hybrid bit in the title of the car, which makes it just a normal car expect with some very expensive and damaging to the environment batteries in tow.

This video, simply and succinctly what a complete and utter waste of time this car is and why Honda think’s it green headed customers are complete idiots and will buy anything with hybrid in the title.

Tiff compares the DS3 diesel and the CRZ over a hot lap, now we don’t normally rate Tiff as a good reviewer of cars buy UI defy any motoring journalist to display the complete point lesses of the CRZ in a more graphic way than Tiff does in the video.

Basically, all the battery power is used up on the warm up lap. For the hot lap, Tiff is merely a chauffeur for a load of expensive and polluting Duracell batteries.

In case we have not made our point as clear as Tiff, the CRZ and Hybrid cars in general are pathetic and is simply an exercise to get around stupid EU emissions standards.

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