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Dewalt Impact Driver vs Milwaukee – Which is best?

This article looks at the results from a Project Farm test (you can see the video here) to see if the Dewalt impact driver (Product code: DCF 888B) is better than the Milwaukee impact driver (2853-20, M18 Fuel model).

Short Answer

Given the performance of the Milwaukee Fuel impact driver, in terms of speed and power, combined with the price, it ran out the clear winner over the Dewalt.

Brand new examples of the Dewalt retail for around 140 dollars on eBay, while the Milwaukee can be found on eBay for around 120 dollars.

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Project Farm did a number of tests to see how each impact driver performed doing different tasks.

Test 1 – Clamp Load/Compression Testing – How Tight Can These Impact Drivers Turn a Nut?

Each impact driver was given 15 seconds to tighten a nut.

Milwaukee managed 1600PSI

Dewalt managed 1450PSI

Test 2 – In Reverse

The reverse torque of each impact wrench was tested, again for 15 seconds.

The Milwaukee managed 1750PSI

The Dewalt managed 1675PSI

Test 3 – Driving 7 Inch Screw Into Railway Sleeper

How long does it take to drive the screw in (in high impact mode)?

Dewalt took 3 mins 24 seconds to drive the screw. It should be noted that the wrench became very hot, was smoking and grease was leaking out through the chuck.

The Milwaukee took 33 seconds with no apparent issues

Test 4 – Mower Test

How many times can the impact driver turn a lawn mower motor that has the brake applied and the spark plug in place in 30 seconds

Dewalt managed just over 3 rotations

Milwaukee did 7 rotations

Test 5 – Drop Test

What happens when you drop the impact wrenches on to concrete from 10 feet?

Dewalt – The handle on the impact driver flexed a lot but the impact wrench still worked.

Milwaukee – Handle flex like the Dewalt but it still worked normally.

Test 6 – Components

How much does the hammer mechanism weigh?

Milwaukee 255 grams

Dewalt 228 grams

Milwaukee vs Dewalt Impact Driver Conclusion

Generally, the Milwaukee proved the superior tool in the tests as shown by Project Farm. The Milwaukee also appeared suffer less wear mechanically than the Dewalt while performing better, the smoke and grease leakage in the screw test being the case in point.

With regards to longevity, it is impossible to say from these tests which will last longer but despite the punishment both impact wrenches were subjected to in the tests, they were both working properly at the end of the testing.

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There are other impact wrenches available in this price bracket besides the two in this video and there are also other comparison videos available in addition to the Project Farm example.

Here are some other impact wrench comparison videos.


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