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DIY Flow Bench – The end of Superflow?

Banks power have told the world, what in effect is how to make your own super accurate DIY flow bench.

Props to Banks Power, they could have kept it to themselves.

The simplicity of their DIY flow bench is absolute genius. I’m not going to go through all the issues with conventional flow benches from the likes of Superflow, their video does a go a job as I think anyone could. You can see it here.

Banks Power go in depth on what they say are fundamental flaws with traditional flow benches and what they have done to eliminate the highlighted problems.

The Fundamental Issue with Traditional Flow Benches

Banks Power issue with flow benches is that they measure flow in volume not mass. They also have issues with the calibration of the flow benches. And the fact the Superflow themselves say their flow benches do not actually measure flow volume but extrapolate the flow volume from other measured variables.

The Genius Solution – DIY Flow Benches Possible (& relatively easy)

Banks Power overcame the whole problem with a solution so simple it makes you wonder how you never though of it.

What did they do?

They use an actual Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor to measure air mass. And accurate Mass Air Flow sensors are ten a penny. Not only is their solution simple, its also massively accurate and massively cheap.

And this is how you make a DIY flow bench.

Obviously you need to construct the mechanicals of the machine but when you have that done you simply plug a MAF sensor into the intake, monitor the air mass going through the system. Naturally Banks Power take this a step further by measuring temperature pressure and humidity before and after the MAF sensor and also the ambient humidity, temperature and pressure to make their measurements as dead on accurate as possible. I think the DIYer could probably get away without these extra sensors. As long as all we want to do is compare mass flow before and after modifications we might get away with just the one set of sensors.

I wish I could supply loads of links to articles and websites using the same method as Banks Power, unfortunately they all seem to use the traditional pressure drop method to measure volume. Here is an example of the traditional method.

But I did find one article using a MAF sensor here

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