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Moto G30 Camera Review (GSMArena wrong?)

G30 camera review samples - Looking down street

Is the Moto G30 camera review by GSM Arena wrong? Have they grossly overestimated the quality of the camera? I compare the Moto G30 camera to the one in the Realme 6S to find out.

Close Up

Moto G30

Photos in this column for the rest of the page are from the G30

Realme 6S

Photos in this column are from the 6s

The Moto G30 definitely wins on the close up. The fact that it gives you a prompt to use the Macro lens where the 6s doesn’t gives it a huge advantage. Obvious yellow tinge to the 6s image, G30 much closer to actual colours if not be exactly the same

Moto G30: 1 – Realme 6s: 0

Closeup 2

Main lens versus main lens, looks like the Realme 6s gets the win. Better sharpness. This is in low light.

Moto G30: 1 – Realme 6s: 1

Outdoors Low Light

Neither fantastic and borderline unusable but Realme 6s just edges it

Moto G30: 1 – Realme 6s: 2

Ultra Low Ambient Light

An impossible shot to get right? Maybe. Either way, Realme 6s can make no sense of it, Moto G30 comes out with something.

Moto G30: 2 – Realme 6s: 2

Selfie Camera

Moto G30 selfie camera clearly superior

Moto G30: 3 – Realme 6s: 2

Fine Details Good Light

Saturation that the Realme 6s puts into the photo perhaps makes it look better than it actually is. With regards to sharpness, maybe the Realme 6s edges it but too close to call. Draw.

Moto G30: 4 – Realme 6s: 3

Landscapes Decent Light

Although the Moto G30 camera seems to have less sharpness than the Realme 6s, in general I think the photos of the G30 are superior. I think any issues you may have with the photo you can fix in GIMP/Photoshop. Win for the G30

Moto G30: 5 – Realme 6s: 3


On closer shots like this the lack of what appears to be decent focus on the G30 is much more obvious. Perhaps if I manually selected what I wanted to focus on, the picture would have been better. The Realme 6s auto focus seems better. If the G30 was in focus I think the shot is better. As it is, the Realme 6s wins this round, just about.

Moto G30: 5 – Realme 6s: 4

Depth with Detail

This photo illustrates the auto focus issue on the G30 perfectly. Its not that it can’t get focus, you just have to tell it what to focus on. You can see the foreground (right side) is in focus and its sharp. With the Realme 6s the entire photo is in focus but I don’t think it can match the G30. G30 has more colour, photo looks better in general.

Moto G30: 6 – Realme 6s: 4

Depth with Yellows

I consciously selected the focus point on this image for both cameras. Result is much better. 6s wins for sharpness but in all other aspects G30 superior and I think the sharpness could be fixed in Photoshop/GIMP

Moto G30: 7 – Realme 6s: 4


Clear winner is the G30. More details and more colour.

Moto G30: 8 – Realme 6s: 4


More details and truer colours from the G30. Another win.

Moto G30: 9 – Realme 6s: 4

Moto G30 Camera Review Summary

I am a fan of the Realme 6s camera but the Moto G30 camera is clearly superior is almost all aspects especially if you select the part of the frame you want focus on. Perhaps in low light conditions the 6s is slightly better but neither are that great so a mute point. Having said that shooting directly at the street lamp, the G30 came out on top so low light performance could be very variable depending on the exact circumstances.

In general though, I think the shots from the G30 are more than useable. For a 180 euro phone, the photos are great and the camera is much better than that in the 6s.

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