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Doogee Mix Lite – Camera Review Budget Smartphone

An Android budget smartphone review. Is the camera on a Doogee Mix Lite Android smartphone any good?

In a word, yes.

If you have any experience at all buying sub 100 dollar Androids smart phones you know that their cameras are a complete waste of time. They may as well not have a camera so bad is the picture quality.

But I’m pleased to say with the Doogee Mix Lite, the camera is decent enough to use.


Its not great by any stretch of the imagination but it does the job. ie its camera takes pictures that you can share.

I have attached some sample photos to this post so you can judge for yourself.

These photos are exactly how they come off the phone with the default camera settings.

With regards to the phone itself, its surprisingly heavy. Feels like a block of metal.

It comes with a screen protector pre installed

It comes with a free clear silicone case

Its comes with a USB cables

It comes with a wall plug

All to be expected, except the screen protector and the case which were nice bonuses!

One thing to note. It says it is a dual SIM phone. Which technically it is. But only if you dont fit a SD card.

The second sim slot is either the an SD card or a second SIM card. You can choose.

But apart from that. I have only had it a day but I am very satisfied. Its costs the same as my previous phone a Leagoo Z5, but it is leagues ahead in screen quality and camera quality.

With the Leagoo you had to be careful from which angle you viewed the screen. Does not make any difference with the Doogee Mix lite.

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