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DRIVE blames its viewers for lack of success

Somehow DRIVE cannot make money from their content

Which is ridiculous.

Traditional media have shown how you make money from making content.


You sell advertising space to companies so they can appear on or besides your show.

For some reason DRIVE is unable to grasp this simple concept. They have had years to figure this out and yet they found no solution and have sold their product to a traditional media outlet in order to get revenue.

Has no one at DRIVE asked themselves “how can NBC Sports make money from our content but we cannot?”

To me it seems DRIVE has half a business.

They have the journalists, videographers etc, they have the half that makes the content

But they forgot to recruit the other half of the business that brings in the money.

Where exactly did DRIVE think the money for the videos was going to come from?

To the outsider it seems as if they believed that the money was going to come from YouTube advertising solely, and YouTube was going to do all the legwork.


To solve their “problem” DRIVE started charging their viewers by using a subscription model.

This is known as the “Path of least resistance” option, ie it involves no work from them

This pissed at lot of people off.

The attitude from DRIVE to this criticism was to blame their viewers. ie their viewers were stupid if they expect to get things for free……..

DRIVE’s problem is not that their viewers don’t want to pay.

Their problem is

1.DRIVE wanted too much money

2.DRIVE does not have any customers

8 USD a month is too much when Netflix is around the same price

Netflix is unlimited DRIVE is 2 hours of show a month.

DRIVE does not have any customers because DRIVE does not have any salespeople or good salespeople.

Sure when the world wakes up advertisers will start approaching content providers, but we are not there yet.

Until then DRIVE needs a sales team.

It is that simple. Nothing revelatory about it, just common sense.

TV stations have been making money for years, follow their model.

Wake up DRIVE, it is a crime that they can put out such good content and yet cannot get revenue, especially in the USA



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