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Eibach Pro Street S vs Pro Street Multi

Eibach coilovers have release a new model, the Pro Street Multi.

In this article we compare the features of the Eibach Pro Street Multi against the Eibach Pro Street S to see if the Pro Street Multi coilovers are worth the extra money.

Promo video for the Pro Street Multi

Looking at the prices on eBay the Pro Street Multi kits are around twice the price of the Pro Street S coilovers

Eibach Pro Street S
Eibach Pro Street Multi

The Differences

The biggest difference between the two kits is the addition of adjustable dampers. The Pro Street S are only adjustable for height, the Pro Street Multi are adjustable for height and damping (softness/hardness)

Eibach have gone one step further than making the dampers adjustable, they have made the bump and the rebound of the dampers adjustable independently.

This sets the Pro Street Multi coilovers apart from an average set of coilovers. On run of the mill street coilovers the adjustment is usually for rebound only or bump and rebound together.

To have bump and rebound adjustable separately, opens up a whole new world of adjustability and puts the Pro Street Multi in the realms of an advanced track day suspension even though, as the name suggests, they are primarily designed for the street.

Other differences

Upside down struts on the front axle increase the rigidity of the damper, a bonus for cars with McPherson type suspension, and it may also increase the oil capacity of the dampers giving more consistent performance under hard use.

What is the same?

Height adjustment is the same on both models, ie using the springs seats.

Top mount setup is the same ie both models will use the car’s original top mounts, not necessarily a bad thing for a street driven car.

Worth The Extra Money?

With the Pro Street S coming in at around 1000 Euro, paying an extra 1000 Euro to have adjustable dampers with independent bump and rebound adjustment, seems a little high.


KW coilovers on eBay

KW Variant 1 come in around 1100 Euro, fixed damping

KW Variant 1

KW Variant 2 coming in around 1300 Euro, rebound adjustable only + a fixed valve for high speed rebound

KW Variant 2

KW Variant 3 come in around 1900 Euro, bump and rebound independently adjustable + independent valves for high speed bump and high speed rebound (not adjustable)

KW Variant 3

KW charge an extra 800 Euro to go from fixed damping to independent bump and rebound adjustment. But KW also give you separate valves for high speed bump and rebound and these extra valves for high speed movement can really make a big effect on performance while at the same time improving ride comfort.

In short, 800 Euro for a ton of extra tech with KW versus 1000 Euro extra for just independent bump and rebound on the Eibach.

Sure 1000 Euro is not a crazy number, it is just not as competitive as what you can get from KW.

Are the Pro Street Multis worth the extra money?

Yes and no.

If KW did not have the Variant 3 in the market I would say yes, definitely. But the fact is KW Variant 3 do exist so I could not recommend the Eibach over the KW (unless KW do not make the Variant 3 for your car and Eibach do).

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