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F150 Taillight Problem *FIXED*, For $5000!! – Own Nothing & Be Happy!

If you haven’t seen the WEF advert “you will own nothing and be happy”, you can see it here. This F150 taillight problem is a great example of how things are going to go down.

How will CAR companies FORCE you not to own their cars?

Short version

They will make them too expensive FOR YOU to fix.

An Example – Ford F150 Taillight Problem

Here is a great video showing the complete disaster new cars are becoming.

Basically, there was water ingress into the taillight of this F150, which bricked the ENTIRE car!

“Okay, replace the taillight” you may say.

Which is fine.


And this is how car companies are going to FORCE you not to buy their cars and instead FORCE you to rent their cars.

Who in their right mind is going to want to take on this kind of headache/financial risk?

Who wants to be on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs when something apparently minor breaks down?

Something which ten years ago would have been a DIY fix that cost around 2 dollars for a new light bulb?


You are not going to own your Ford F150 (you are going to rent it when you need it) and you won’t be happy, you will be ECSTATIC.

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