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Ferodo Brake Pads

Ferodo is a manufacturer of brake pads.

Ferodo make 4 main types of brake pads.

Ferodo Premier which is a stock replacement for the original pads. Ferodo Premier are not the cheapest OE replacement pads on the market but for the cost they are one of the best.

Cheaper pads are available from other manufacturers but in our experience the quality of brake pads goes down enormously when you are paying pennies. You get what you pay for.

Whereas the cheapest OE replacement parts can be half the price of Ferodo Premier pads their life can be 80% less than Premier, so any money you save buying the pads is easily outweighed by the garage labour charges.

DS2500 are Ferodo’s fast road and track day brake pads. DS2500 brake pads are more focussed towards fast road use but can also be used occasionally on track days.

Ferodo DS2500 offer excellent braking from cold and perform at a fair level when hot. One feature of DS2500 pads is that they are very dusty.

If you want to keep your wheels in tip-top condition and they are difficult to clean then you may do better to go elsewhere.

DS3000. Ferodo’s entry-level racing pad. Ferodo say DS3000 brake pads are not suitable for the road but experienced drivers should have no problem. Again DS3000 are a dusty pad and while they cold braking performance is not on the same level as the DS2500 their hot braking performance is far better.

DS Performance. This is Ferodo’s link product between OE and track day brake pads. For drivers not familiar with the benefits of performance brake pads the price of DS2500 can be a bit hard to swallow. DS Performance brake pads fill the gap between Ferodo Premier and Ferodo DS2500 brake pads.

While DS Performance brake pads are not designed for track days they can be used for beginners.

Ferodo brake pads are available in most parts of the world, here are link to a few dealers.

Ferodo Australia – Promotive 911 Specialist

Ferodo California – Sector 111 Lotus Specialist

Ferodo Georgia – Woody’s Auto Supply

Ferodo UK – Balance Motorsport

Ferodo Germany – CTD Japanese Car Specialist

Ferodo Italy – Ricambi

Ferodo Greece – Street & Circuit

Ferodo Turkey – Modacar

Ferodo Japan – Afterparts

More information about brake pads…..

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