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Ferodo Premier Brake Pads – Long Term Test Part 2 2013.8.6

its been 4 months since our first instalment of the Ferodo Premier review and we have to say…

the Premier pads are still performing well above expectations.

We have had the chance to use the pads on various mountain passes and we have yet to fade the pads in normal use.

Only when we have abused the Ferodo Premier brake pads have we faded them.

Considering Ferodo Premier brake pads retail for well below your typical set of performance brake pads and considering in our experience they have performed well in fast road use we have to say we would recommend Ferodo brake pads to anyone who is using their car day-to-day and who do a little fast road driving.

If you are after the ultimate in performance we would still recommend spending the extra money for a set of genuine performance brake pads but if you can sacrifice that last 5% of performance, Ferodo Premier are an excellent choice.

The only question mark left for us is their service life. The Ferodo Premier brake pads have now been fitted for a  little over 5 months. A set of quality performance brake pads would last at least another 7 months and in our experience we would expect another 13 months of life.

So this will be the last instalment of our Ferodo Premier review, when the pads need changing.

When this happens we will be sure to keep you updated.

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