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Flocking Services & Supplies UK

Flocking Services

Flocking services for road, rally and race. Flocking has many purposes including reducing glare off the dash board, making surfaces non slip, to protect surfaces from scratches and the customise or make interiors more luxurious. The following companies offer flocking services and/or flocking supplies.

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Flocking Services UK – Company Links

Auto Flock

Banbury Flocking


Ramsport – Ruthin, North Wales

Suffolk Flocking Services

Flocking Services UK – Company Overview

Auto Flock
Unlike most competitors all flocking is completed within a controlled environment as apposed to a multipurpose workshop or garage. This removes the risk of cross-contamination of dust and foreign bodies. Once the parts have been flocked they are then cured at a regulated temperature using radiant heating. This is unique and reduced the amount of movement within the atmosphere, if the atmosphere is moving such as a fan heater then the flock will not cure correctly leaving the finish uneven.


Flcoking Services – Flocking eliminates glare on the windscreen that is caused by sunlight reflecting of the dash. Essential for serious competitors not to mention looking nice! – Image source:

Banbury Flocking
Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Banbury Flocking Services have been providing dashboard flocking and automotive flocking services to the motorsport industry and custom flock interiors for car projects for many years with an excellent reputation for quality and personal service at affordable prices

Flocking supplies and information on the flocking service. Includes information on the types of flocking possible including info of electrostatic flocking

Ramsport – Ruthin, North Wales
Ramsport offer a full flocking service for dashboards, door card or anything else you can think of. Ramsport also sell DIY flocking kits and flocking material by the metre if you want to take on the job yourself

Suffolk Flocking Services
Comprehensive flocking services in Suffolk


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