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Fuel Magnets – Do They Work?

There are some amazing claims bandied around about fuel magnets. These devices are clamped onto the fuel lines entering the engine and are claimed to cut fuel consumption by up to 30%, increase horsepower by up to 13% and cut exhaust emissions by up to 80%.

Fuel Magnets – Facts of Fake?

These claims are hard to believe but we do get asked our opinion on these devices quite regularly so we thought we would take  a closer look.

First of all the companies offering these products seem to offer money back guarantees and long warranties.

We spoke to some people who have fitted fuel magnets and they seemed happy, they said they had noticed the engine being more responsive and that their fuel economy had increased.

To be honest we put this down to the placebo effect and considered carrying out our own tests.

However while reading the websites of one of these companies they claimed that these devices had been scientifically tested by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the USA but they did not include a link so we did a bit of digging on the FTC website.

About fuel magnets the FTC says this

Fuel Line Devices (magnets). These magnetic devices, clamped to the outside of the fuel line or installed in the fuel line, claim to change the molecular structure of gasoline.

The EPA has evaluated: PETRO-MIZER; POLARION-X; Super-Mag Fuel Extender; Wickliff Polarizer [fuel line magnet/intake air magnet]. – have been found not to increase fuel economy.

So not only do fuel magnets not increase fuel economy by 30% they gave no measurable increase in fuel at all.

Given these fuel magnets have been tested by independent laboratories and have been found not to reduce fuel economy by any measurable amount and they are, in our opinion, a waste of money.

Here are some companies selling fuel magnets. Given the above reasons, we do not recommend fitting fuel magnets, in our opinion you will be paying your money for no benefit.

In our opinion your money would be better spent increasing the efficiency of your engine with proven parts such as performance air filters, high flow catalytic converters and optimized engine management programs.

In our opinion, these companies are taking advantage of people’s wish for miracle solutions due to high fuel prices.

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