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Fuelab Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator

The fact is you don’t need such a big fuel pump for at least 99% of the time.

At least if we are talking about street cars. What does this mean?

It means your fuel pump is working at full speed all of the time and it is unneccessary.

Your fuel pump is working flat-out and most of the time all it is doing is pumping fuel into your fuel rail so it can be returned back to where it came from. A pointless exercise that creates unnecessary heat in your fuel system and shortens the life of your fuel pump.

And this is where the Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator comes in. It works in conjunction with Fuelab Prodigy fuel pumps to make sure that the fuel pump is only working at the level it needs to be.

If your pump can work at 20% speed and sill maintain the correct fuel pressure in the fuel rail, then the Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator will tell your fuel pump to calm down and only work at 20% for example, or the level necessary to maintain the correct fuel pressure.

If the Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator senses 20% is not sufficient it will tell your Fuelab fuel pump to pick up the pace.

In short the combination of Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator and Fuelab Prodigy fuel pump will make sure that your fuel pump is only working as hard as it needs to, which keeps temperatures in the fuel system lower and gives your Fuelab Prodigy fuel pump a much, much easier life.

The bigger the capacity of your fuel system, the bigger the benefits the Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator will give you.

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