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Golf MK5 GTI Exhaust – Top 5 on eBay

Here are, in our opinion, the top 5 Golf MK5 GTI performance exhausts on eBay. We rate these exhausts according to price, pipe diameter and weld quality.

Cobra, Magnaflow and Scorpion come out of top with the same points. Check the videos below for the exhaust sounds as this is probably going to be the biggest difference between these exhausts along with the tailpipe styles.

PriceDiameterWeld QualityTotalebay
Jetex4/10 (750USD)10/10 (76mm)6/1020Buy
Milltek5/10 (700USD)5/10 (70mm)4/1014Buy
Cobra5/10(700US)10/10 (76mm)6/1021Buy
Magnaflow5/10 (700USD)10/10 (76mm)6/1021Buy
Scorpion5/10 (700USD)10/10 (76mm)6/1021Buy


With regards to weld quality, we want clean looking exhaust welds which at the least look like they weren’t contaminated during the welding process.

Exhaust Diameter

We want to exhaust diameter to be 3 inches or bigger, to quote Corky Bell,

if a turbo could choose the type of exhaust, it would categorically choose no exhaust!

In short, the bigger the diameter the better however we also need to take sound volume into consideration.


It could be us but the prices of exhaust seem to be increasing a lot, I mean, was a stainless steel exhaust system around 350GBP around 10 years ago? Anyway…. comparing the price of exhausts to the other in the market we give the price a rating. 700USD seems to be in the middle of the road so we give it 5 out of 10.

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