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Graphic Demonstration of GTR Stablity Control – Yes It Crashed But Take A Second Look

I was emailed this video.

Getting passed the obvious drama of the GTR jumping at what looks to be an easy 100mph and the following crash/accident. Pay special attention to how the car straightens up even though the GTR is clearly out of control.

In any other car I could easily imagine this turning into the mother of all barrel rolls, instead the electronics appear to gather everything up and get everything pointing in the right direction.

Yes the GTR ended up crashing but there is not a lot it can do with a driver who thinks he knows the road but doesn’t, especially at that speed.

Sure this crash could have been a lot worse, there could have been other cars on the roundabout, there could have been any manner of road furniture but fortuantely everyone seems to have been very very lucky

Nissan GT-R gets Airborne then Crashes!

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