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Greek Highway Code/Motoring/Traffic Law – 11 Commandments

If you haven’t driven in Greece you might not understand these points. Which is why you should read it to educate yourself to become a more advance driver.

Translated by Google from here so not grammatically correct but we think it adds to the humour value

1 * The Flash/Indicator betray your next move. The original Greek driver does not use ever.

2 * In no event should keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front because the gap can be left “chothei” another vehicle bringing you even more trouble.

3 * The sooner you cross a red light, the less likely to collide with another vehicle.

Greek Road Sign - Included here for no particular reason

4 * Never, ever, not immobilize your vehicle on a plate “STOP”.
Vehicles will not follow you expect that your reaction, so nailed ‘on you.

5 * Never close the door to a saravalaki/beat up car.
The driver has nothing to lose.

6 * The brake must always become the last moment to ensure you the proper functioning of the ABS, which in turn will reward you with a relaxing massage of your foot.
For non! ABS holders an opportunity to stretch their legs.

7 * Never overtaking on the left when you can do it right.
It’s a chance to laugh as the driver of the vehicle just passed scares.

8 * Speed ​​limits are arbitrary figures are only a proposal and is apparently not executable in Greece.

9 * You are in the left lane with crazy traffic jams and no space to move an inch. The driver of the vehicle located just behind you, who honk and flash lights, is convinced he can do better than you, if you were in your position.

10 * Learn to change lanes at a fast handling.
Greece has become a vast track of key holes that are placed at key points to check your reflexes.

11 * It is a tradition in Greece to honk when traffic lights turn green even if you’re first there.

If you want to add any rules will are applicable to your country please leave a comment detailing the road law and also that the country where it is in effect!

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