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Honda NSX Dry Carbon

Another feature car which uses carbon fibre as its centre piece. This time from Japan, the Honda NSX belongs to the owner of a carbon fibre part manufacturing business which specialises in motorsport and the aerospace industry. Unfortunately the company, Uchida has no intention of making carbon parts for the Honda NSX or any car, the owner of the Honda NSX simply stated that “I wanted to do something different that would show what Ichida can create”.

All of the Honda NSX panels are made from “dry” carbon fibre which according to the author of the article, has nothing to do with “wet” carbon fibre as used in the carbon bonnets you see on the street. Uchida (the owner of Uchida) stated that wet carbon will always end up shrinking and discolouring. In our opinion until the price of “dry” carbon parts come down to a price which is realistic the “wet” alternative is just fine! I think the biggest issue Ichida has with “wet” carbon is its much reduced strength over “dry” carbon. This makes it unsuitable for stressed components but for lighweight, cosmetic additions “wet” carbon works just fine.


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