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How much extra power from colder intake temps?

How much extra power can you get from lowering intake temps with heat shields? Is it worth the hassle?

8 Celsius drop in temperatures gave a 5% increase in engine power.

The Test

I recorded an 8.3 Celcius reduction in air temperature reducing acceleration time by 0.3 seconds, between 115km/h and 140km/h

How much horsepower does that equate to?

Using the StrikeEngine engine power calculator

Engine produced 159PS at 9.3 Celsius and 151PS at 17.7 Celsius.

An 8 Celsius change in temperature gave the engine an extra 5% of power or in this case 8PS.

For such a small change in the intake temps, the difference in power is huge.

This test was on a normally aspirated engine.

Can you imagine how much lower temperatures will have on a turbo vehicle whose intake manifold temperatures are much higher than ambient temperature?

Anything that can be done to lower the temperature of the air entering the engine is a good thing, even if it only lower the temps by a few degrees.

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