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Hybrid Technology by Ricardo – Batteries Are Yesterday’s Technology

Ricardo the transmission specialist has made a breakthrough in the development of kinetic energy storage systems.

Whereas competitors kinetic energy storage systems use physical connections between the flywheel and the transmission/motor Ricardo hybrid systems use magnetic fields to transfer the kinetic energy it mechanical/electrical power.

This use of magnetic fields overcomes one of the difficulties is using a mechanical connection. ie the use of special bearings which allow the maintaining of a vacuum inside the flywheel unit while still allowing a shaft to protrude from the housing.

Flybrid Technologies have made huge strides in this sealing technology but the Ricardo concept of using magnetic fields gets around the vacuum sealing issue. Whether it is as efficient as a direct mechanical connection has yet to be independently verified but the magnet system does open the door to a fit and forget item that does not need to be re-vacumed at any point in the products life.

To us the idea of using expensive, heavy and difficult to dispose of batteries to power passenger cars is counterproductive.

Not only is no car manufacturer anywhere near creating an electrical car that can be fully recharged in less than 10 minutes. No car manufacturers is anywhere near creating a battery hybrid that has the range of a petrol/diesel car, let alone a petrol/diesel car equipped with a flywheel energy storage system.

Why car manufacturers continue trying to develop battery technology when flywheel energy storage has almost limitless potential is beyond our understanding.


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