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Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Review (VIDEO) – It’s The FUTURE!

Top Gear have just released their Hyundai Ioniq 5 N review, you can see it here. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel in this article, if you want to learn about the specs and how it drives, it’s all in the video. In this article I want to highlight it’s main USP and explain why I think the Ioniq 5 N is the futures of EVs.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Review – They have done the MOST obvious things

Hyundai’s N division have nailed it again. By doing the most obvious things.

All who drive EVs say they lack emotion. There is no involvement and there is no soundtrack.

So Hyundai have given the Ioniq 5 N a soundtrack and involvement.

You can choose between three soundtracks which mimic the sound of an engine. Two of them are meh, but they’ve included one which sounds like a petrol engine. Imagine Gran Tursimo 2 type quality and you’re pretty close to what it’s like. So the sound isn’t great but it’s enough to bring some excitement, it’s enough noise to make you feel like you could be driving a petrol powered motor. This is a feature that all EVs will be getting.

Hyundai have got there first, and from the quality of the sound, you can tell. But these engine sound simulations are going to get better and better, to the point where we won’t be able to tell the difference.

And the cherry on top, you can have any engine sound you want (in the future). Turbo 4 cylinder? In-line naturally aspirated 6? Super-charged V8? It’s all going to be possible.

It’s very easy to imagine engine sounds for EVs being the next remaps. If you want a flat plane V8 sound, you pays your money on Google Play and download it.

But that’s not all

Hyundai have also addressed the involvement. They have put gears in their EV.

Well, virtual gears.

You can have the Ioniq 5 N simulate a dual clutch 8-Speed gearbox. It gives you flappy paddles to change gear, it has a rev limiter which you can clatter into (aurally and physically) in each gear and it also gives you the thump (torque dip) between gears for the full effect.

Going from the TopGear review, N Division have completely nailed it. And this is only the first time it’s been done.

This feature is also going to be perfected and developed over time. Your going to be able to simulate any type of shift you want (with a download from the car manufacturer or in the aftermarket).

Want an E46 M3 CSL race type shift or perhaps you like the PDK shift of the latest 992 Turbo S or perhaps you want the shifts of an old school torque converter. These programs are only going to be a download away.

Ioniq 5 N Review – Summary

Hyundai N have addressed the key points that put people (who like driving) off the thought of an EV.

Until I saw this video I had no interest in getting an EV. But if I can get an EV with realistic engine sounds and a realistic auto/semi-auto gearbox I’m all over it.

And the pull is only going to get stronger when the sound quality improves.

When aftermarket engine sounds and aftermarket gearbox programs become available, the pull is only going to get stronger. These systems could get even better than the real thing.

Temporary High?

Perhaps these things will be a gimmick. Perhaps they are a novelty factor that will wear off. This is a possibility, but I think one thing is for sure, they are better than having nothing. And honestly, given the progress of tech (better sound and gearbox feel) and given that you will have the option to switch to full silent and seamless when you want, I can’t see the shine rubbing off, but only time will tell. In the meantime. I want.

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