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Insignia VXR/OPC Brake Recall/Problems/Faults

Vauxhall in the UK are replacing front brake pads and brake discs under warranty if the car has done less than 20,000miles.

The front brake calipers are prone to sticking which leaves the brake pad dragging on the discs. This causes a vibration through the steering wheel under braking because pad material is being left unevenly on the brake disc surface (not the urban myth that the brake discs have warped).

Tell tall signs that your Insignia is experiencing these problems is that the brake discs can turn blue due to the massive heat created from the pads rubbing on the discs.

This is in addition to the pads and discs having a much shorter life than would be expected.

Vauxhall in the UK are replacing the brake discs and brake pads free of charge on cars with less than 20,000miles on the clock.

Given the treatment that Peter Tomalin had from his Vauxhall dealer I find it extremely hard to believe that Vauxhall in the UK identified this problem. My feeling is that the technical bulletin came from Germany which would mean Opel Insignia OPCs would also be experiencing the same issues

Problems have also been reported with the headlights blinding other drivers because they are set too high. Your local Vauxhall dealer may tell you it will pass the MOT as it is, which is true, and they may also tell you that it is impossible to adjust which is NOT true. The height of the headlights CAN be adjusted, don’t take no for an answer if you have this problem, if your dealer will not help you take it to Vauxhall head office.

Vauxhall’s press fleet has had complaints about the headlights being too high and they were adjusted after a lot of toing and froing.Insignia OPC VXR Front

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8 thoughts on “Insignia VXR/OPC Brake Recall/Problems/Faults

  1. Hi do you have any knowledge of clutch or gearbox/flywheel problems with the insignia vxr, if you have i would be obliged if you could direct me towardsthe info as i am currently in dispute with Vauxhall regarding my clutch packing up at 8k on my 9 month old insignia vxr tourer.
    Thanks in advance R Crilley

  2. Sorry forgot to mention in first email I have had exactly that experience that you talk about with the lights and had exactly that same brush off. regards R Crilley

  3. Hi,

    I’ve had clutch problems.(same as may other) Replaced under warranty.
    My OPC has 20000km – 1 year.

  4. Hi, to be aware that my VXR Tourer [auto] with 1,000 miles on clock and just 6 weeks old, has jad to have a rear differential changed. Ther is also an engine knocking fault, whcih will require a transplant. Vauxhall Customer Care performance to resolution so far has been less than poor….no issue with the dealership

  5. Clutch problem resolved after much dragging of feet by vauxhall, also flywheel replaced at same time, and a few days later veh was back in for leak from transfer box, several seals needed changing according to the tech. Also had my light problem solved apparently by adjusting a sensor in the rear axle?

  6. Had my Insignia VXR for a day when I got it second hand at 6 months old with a rear differential problem. Got changed. Took 3 weeks. Now taking it in today because of the clutch. Massive problems for Vauxhall. Not good at all.

  7. I have a noise coming from steering column like metal to metal when on hard lock dealer tells me it is a characteristic of the insignia vxr could anyone clarify this for me as I don’t believe them just about the end of my warranty so think there stalling


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