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Japanese Performance Exhausts –

Blitz Nur Spec Japanese Exhaust

Japanese performance exhaust links – Manufacturers and UK Dealers of Performance Exhaust Systems, Back boxes, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back systems and cat by-pass pipes constructed from mild steel and stainless steel.

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Japanese Performance Exhaust Manufacturers – Japanese Exhaust

Sunline Racing
Suxon racing

Exhaust System Coatings
Hi Performance Coatings

Japanese Performance Exhaust Manufacturers – Japanese Exhaust

Performance Exhaust System manufacturers make a massive range of exhausts for all  makes of vehicle. We have listed as many cars that are covered by each manufacturer as we can. If you don’t see your vehicle please visit the manufacturers site as the lists below are by no means exhaustive.

Worldwide distribution and product quality is an essential part of our business ethics. We, 5ZIGEN produce not only exhaust systems and wheels, however, also many automobile related accessories as well. By having our research platform from racing, we can gather the up most technological data and apply it to our end-products. ISO9001 certification guarantees that our products are kept in up most of quality control.

All A’PEXi exhaust systems comply with applicable emission laws since they neither modify nor relocate the required factory emission control devices; they are considered “direct replacement” parts. Such parts do not require a CARB Executive Order (EO) since they are not “add on” or “modified” parts. A’PEXi exhaust systems are “functionally identical” to the OEM parts during emission tests. Sound levels are tested on stock vehicles before the product release to ensure compliance with the 95dB limit.

Power, efficiency and durability are just a few of the ongoing goals of our exhaust system division. We firmly believe that the exhaust system is one product on the vehicle that should never be compromised. A premium exhaust system should, when possible, be used from the start to avoid any premature changes a few years later. Many new engines have been engineered extremely well and hastily developed systems have been shown to actually lose power. A’PEXi exhaust specialists toil long hours in the art of exhaust gas flow. Every category of manufacturing is analyzed including CAD design, materials, welding quality, exhaust gas dynamics, engine compatibility and real world use. Our exhaust systems are considered one of THE standards in our industry. Proven quality outlasts anything else. Experience the standard of quality that tens of thousands of satisfied customers already have.

We adopt pipe shape and the specifications which are most suitable for every car model so that ARQRAY sport muffler lets you show 100% with a characteristic of an engine and realize a flow of the smooth exhaust that is not compared with normal. In addition, I change torque in practical use area and peak power balance every model of a muffler and have you choose a muffler along user needs. Massive range of exhaust systems for a variety of cars.

A miracle product. Spray the coating onto your exhaust system or exhaust header and feel the remarkable reduction in heat. If you have experienced the benefits you wont believe the difference it can make.

BLITZ began in the late 1970’s as a circuit racing team and eventually developed into a high performance tuning shop. In 1980 BLITZ Co., LTD. was established in Tokyo,Japan. The concept was to produce high performance products without sacrificing the capability if being daily driven, commuter cars. A key to BLITZ’s success was from the extensive race experience and also the use of German made KKK turbos, currently owned by the Borg Warner Corp. With the integration of KKK components, BLITZ had been able to produce high performance products for race and street purposes.

well respected manufacturer of super high quality exhaust systems and headers/manifolds for
DM/Japanese domestic market cars.


MINE’S exhaust – Skyline R33, R32 R34 & GTR specialist

It tests and many, N1 race to race, accumulated in the tuning of various models of development based on large amounts of data. Until immediately after the turbine exhaust to co-ordinate the total. Now the pipe diameter and bend and consideration of different characteristics ideal pursued by the various engines. The volume and sound quality, the ultimate muffler materials and design stuck to the “SILENCE” is. Seems almost certain loss to a minimum low speed range torque, and pull a fast response and high power in the region. In doing so, Tabinautoretto, front pipe, catalytic converter, and the premise is a combination of various products such as pipe center.

In addition to better matching of the VX-ROM, and that the combination enables performance up a notch.

Please enjoy our attractive MINE’S Ekizosutoshirizu be proposed.
speedART is a company specialized in exclusive Porsche tuning. Our target is to give your Porsche an individual touch. Our staff have outstanding experience in tuning Porsche and work with dedication on that special sportscar. Use the Link “Program or News” and you will find an overview of our great tuning products and modifications.

Sunline Racing
Japanese manufacturer of high performance exhaust systems and exhaust manifolds for NA and Turbo engines

suxon racing
japanese exhaust manufacturer for a massive range of Japanese and european vehicles. Site includes prices.x5, primera, skyline, impreza, tt s6 a4, vw, Mazda, Mitsubishi,Toyota, supra, honda civic, integra, Suzuki, bmw, rover and many many more.

Tanabe                    dealers > tanabe uk – Tokyo Express
Japanese manufacturer of performance stainless steel exhaust systems.
Car makers covered include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Daihatsu, Suzuki and Subaru

Japanes manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for Honda Civic Type R EK and EP3, Integra, Accord, Odyssey, S2000 and Toyota AE86 Corolla Levin, Trueno and Altezza, Lexus IS200 with Beams engine

Trust                        uk supplier – Special Vehicle Services
Japanese manufacturer of performance exhaust in both stainless steel and titanium.
Car Makers covered include Toyota Nissan Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Subaru Suzuki Daihatsu Isuzu.

Exhaust System Coatings

Hi Performance Coatings

The original ceramic header coating

Superior corrosion protection; self-sacrificial quality will not allow corrosion to develop even when damaged

Protection at metal temperatures of -375° F to +1,600° F (1300° F for polished aluminum finish)

Eliminates thermal fatigue and oxidation

Lifetime guarantee against subsurface rust and corrosion

Performance gains from increase exhaust gas velocity, improved airflow, and reduced ambient under hood temperature

Rapid cool-down


Will not blue or stain

Available in 6 colors

Excellent abrasion resistance

Can be applied to both new and used components

A miracle heat coating for exhausts. Manifolds and headers treated with Zirotec radiate massively less heat than untreated parts. So much so that the difference in heat is noticeable with a hand even from a distance

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Japanese Exhausts ALFA
Japanese Exhausts ALFA
Japanese Exhausts AUDI
Japanese Exhausts BMW
Japanese Exhausts CITROEN
Japanese Exhausts FIAT
Japanese Exhausts FORD
Japanese Exhausts HONDA
Japanese Exhausts HYUNDAI
Japanese Exhausts KIA
Japanese Exhausts LANCIA
Japanese Exhausts LANDROVER
Japanese Exhausts MAZDA
Japanese Exhausts MERCEDES
Japanese Exhausts MINI
Japanese Exhausts MITSUBISHI
Japanese Exhausts NISSAN
Japanese Exhausts OPEL
Japanese Exhausts PEUGEOT
Japanese Exhausts RENAULT
Japanese Exhausts ROVER
Japanese Exhausts SAAB
Japanese Exhausts SEAT
Japanese Exhausts SKODA
Japanese Exhausts SMART
Japanese Exhausts SUBARU
Japanese Exhausts SUZUKI
Japanese Exhausts TOYOTA
Japanese Exhausts VW

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