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MAF Sensor being held in a person's hand

MAF sensor. Used to measure the mass of air entering the engine. The signal is used to inject the correct amount of fuel

MAF tuning is an effective way of altering the fuelling of your engine quickly and easily. But there are some pluses and negatives.

MAF Tuning – Pluses

-Big ability to make big changes to engine fuelling.

-Works in harmony (up to a point) with the standard ECU map

-Upgrade the MAF sensor easily by MAF scaling

-Does not effect cold start

MAF Tuning – Negatives

-Limited use if you want to change idle/cruise air:fuel mixture

-On cars with wideband lambda sensor and lambda monitoring under acceleration, stock ECU may retune AFRs if the target AFR is very different from the factory target AFR

-Adjusting the MAF sensor also alters ignition timing

Addressing the Negatives

For cars which monitor the AFR under acceleration, we are limited to how much we can change the AFRs.

However for cars which use a narrowband lambda sensor, there are products on the market which can simluate this signal to our benefit.

For example, we want to lean out the AFRs at idle and cruise ie when the ECU is using the narrowband lambda signal, we can programme a device, for example an Innovate Motorsports wideband lambda sensor, to make a 15.7 AFR look like a 14.7 AFR to the cars ECU. This will stop the cars ECU from retuning because it does not know it needs to, it thinks the fuel mixture is 14.7 so it doesnt change anything.

To be able to our tune our MAF sensor we will need a wideband lambda sensor anyway, so the wideband is something we already have. The Innovate Motorsport wideband is complimentary to your MAF tuning product.

If we tune our MAF tuning advice for better fuel economy ie leaner mixtures are cruise and to compliment assist out MAF tuning device we also use the wideband to send a simulated narrowband lambda signal to the ECU to tell the ECU nothing has changed, the AFRs are the same as they were before.

We have our MAF tuning device and our wideband lambda sensor working together as a system.

MAF Tuning – Summary

MAF tuning is effective and by buying the right complimentary tools we can maximise the benefits, increase our options and reduce the negatives

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