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R32 Tuning Guide (DSG) – Total Weapon How-To Guide

R32 tuning can be an expensive business especially if you are doing something custom made. Save money on R&D with this tuning guide. Information from LLF’s Golf MK5 DSG R32 review <<video here

R32 Modification List

R32 Tuning Guide – Engine

Custom turbo kit

Full engine rebuild

Garrett GT3582R turbo with 1.06 exhaust housing

45mm Hypergate wastegate from Turbosmart

External screamer pipe

Forge motorsport BOV

Custom 3 inch downpipe, decat & MG Motorsports cat back with 4 inch tips (doesnt drone too much)


Custom 4 inch intake all hard piped

2.5 inch intercooler piping

Waterbottle relocation

Charcoal canister relocated

870cc fuel injectors

MK4 fuel rail setup with return (MK5 is returnless)

Custom front mount intercooler

A lot of general fabrication

535hp & 480lbs/ft conservatively!

R32 Tuning Guide – Suspension & Wheels

Rota G-Force 18×8.5 (rubs the arches a little bit, probably because it is lowered too much but could be the offset)

AD08 Yokohamas

AP Coilovers

H&R front and rear anti-roll bars

Powerflex bushes

R32 Tuning Guide – Brakes

Zimmerman discs, corss drilled & EBC Yellowstuff brake pads (not sufficient for this level of power!)

R32 Tuning Guide – Software/Remap

United Motorsports software for the engine, DSG (what takes this car over the top!) and Haldex

R32 Tuning Guide – Summary (Our Impressions from the Video)

Gearbox – The DSG has the fastest most positive shifts I have ever seen. No slip and instant, really impressive

Power – Mental, acceleration unconnected to speed!

Suspension – Needs work, probably too low and possibly an issue with the offset. Raising the ride height will help road holding, comfort and reduce tyre rub. Ricky comments that he holding back because of the current suspension setup.

Brakes – Owner seems knowledgeable so the components he has are probably performing at their best. We resist big brake kits if at all possible because of weight, price and servicing costs. So short of fitting bigger discs we would try pads with a higher coefficient of friction like DS3000 from Ferodo and see if that gives the stopping power needed. Maybe run some extra ducting to the discs.

On the brake disc side of thing we would dump cross drilled discs in favour of either plain discs of grooved discs. Hard to argue with Brembo or EBC for the price.

There are companies taking brake off other model from VAG which use the disc, caliper bracket and caliper. This must be cheaper than a brake kit and has lower servicing costs. Could be worth a try but it really depends how much extra braking power the car needs. If the current brake set up is a long way short a big brake kit could be the only option.



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