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Mallory Park’s Future – Noise Complaints – The Obvious Solution No One Has Thought Of

Piston Heads has an article which detailed the possibility of Mallory Park closing due to the strict noise regulations. The answer to this problem seems obvious.

Mallory Park’s Future – Noise Complaints From Local Residents. The obvious solution that benefits all concerned.

You have people living next to the circuit. The noise bothers them. So much like anything else they deserve compensation for the distress they feel. This compensation in the case of Mallory Park is very straight forward.


All residents living within 500 metres of the circuit have free use of the circuit whenever it is open on condition the circuit can open all days of the year with a noise limit deemed to be appropriate for motorsport.

But these people, the ones that are complaining do not like motorsport! I hear you say.

This may be true but what does an offer like this do?

It does two things.

1. The least likely to be sell-able is free use of the track. Granted, probably not many people who are complaining are going to be impressed by this but it will get others in the area more on side with the circuit. That is for sure.

2. And this is where the genius comes in. What will an arrangement like this do for the home prices in the area?

I believe you can reasonable expect them to skyrocket and this at the very least it is going to divide those who are currently complaining about the noise which can only be a good thing.

So residents within 500 metres of Mallory have free run of the track, who is this going to appeal to?

Pretty much anyone interested in motorsport in the surrounding area. And considering Mallory park is in the centre of the country this is a pretty big catchment for a very small supply of houses.

To be more specific, who is this offer of free testing going to attract & who will benefit? Let me give you a list.

1. Track Day Enthusiasts.

2. Clubman Racers.

3. Race Teams.

4. Hotels

5. B&Bs

6. Local Garages

7. Local Retailers Of All Types including

8. Local Patrol Stations

9. Local Tyre Fitters

10. Motoring Journalists (How are you going to compete with a competitor that has his own personal race track?)

In short there are so many people whose life would be complete with virtually unlimited track time I think it is reasonable to expect the local house prices to double and what local resident is not going to think twice about that?

Think about it.

You are a local resident of Mallory Park what are the options?

1. You sue, you win, the circuit closes, the value of your house stays the same give or take 10%

2. You sue, you win, the circuit is still operating on less days, your still not happy, your house price remains unchanged

3. You sue, you lose.

4. You accept Mallory’s offer, your house price doubles, you can either move with the profits or simply be satisfied you are sitting on a little gold mine.

For me the decision is a no-brainer.

At the end of the day what do we all want as human beings?

If we are inconvenienced or disturbed by something we want compensation. We want cold hard cash in exchange for the perceived unjust things which happened or are happening against us.

And the solution of free track time does a huge amount to take pride and ego out of the conversation with neither side having to compromise or be out of pocket.

In short, the people who benefit from the circuit will be directly paying for the noise that they cause.

And that to me sounds like a situation where everyone is a winner. And if Mallory wants to make the deal iron clad, they can guarantee to buy the houses at double the current market price.

To put some figures out there. At the time of writing a testing session costs 110 GBP. 4 times a month you have almost half of your mortgage paid for just in the savings for testing!

Factor in that this arrangement massively liberates the circuit to operate on more days and for longer each day and you can see this saving going yet higher.

Your going to be popping into the track for a 30 minute blast whenever it suits you.

In reality even a super casual track day goer is going to be getting a thousand pounds of track day time a year for free!

And this is the effect on a casual track day goer, what sort of value is it going to have for a racer or professional journalist? Your talking thousands of pounds a month.

And let me be even more detailed with the figures.

Your someone like Chris Harris. You could easily use 20 hours of track time a week (3 hours a day average) for making videos, road testing, writing articles etc etc. At today’s rates five and half hours costs 110GBP or 20 GPB per hour that would cost him 400GBP per week.


I am sure Harris’s mortgage is in the 1600 GBP per month range (although in reality its pure guesswork) so this would mean he could move to Mallory, pay the same as he does now for his mortgage with the added bonus he has a race track on call, for free, more or less whenever he wants to use it.

Again, even with these rudimentary figures you can see the potential for house prices in the local area have sky-high possibilities.

Imagine for a moment its August, you come home from work and to unwind you feel like a few laps of the circuit. The reality is you can going to be using the circuit considerably more that one day a week.

Question is, will Mallory Park’s owners and the local residents see the obvious solution to their problem? A solution that will make all parties massively better off financially.

One can only hope common sense and pragmatism win the day.

And assuming it does, what you have here is a template for all racing circuits in the UK and a template which would firmly see the UK becoming the number one place in the world for motorsport enthusiasts to live. Think of it, Ascari Resorts throughout the UK.

Your comments as always are welcome, what do you think of this idea? A sure fire winner for all concerned?

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