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Markku Alen – Group B Lancia S4

Another article from EVO magazine 157, the “Turbo Issue”. Markku Alen reminisces about the Group B days.

“It was a long time ago but I still remember. All the time you were wondering what would be your next accident” – Alen

“It was a very light car, (around 890kg)…. in our last race in the USA, it was about 600, maybe more – 620bhp. Yes! I liked it very much. More power, more easy. That’s the business you know” – Alen. How can Finns use English is a way so much nicer than native English speakers????

“Rallying now, it’s like working in an office – open a 8, close a 7. No night-time driving…….To drive a fast car in the fog and the darkness – yes! Nothing like it…” – Alen

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