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Mechanic Tools & Pit Equipment

In Australia, an apprentice works under one or more qualified mechanics for a period of 3.5 years. During that time, they attend a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) college one day per week for three years. In some states, mechanics are required to be trade qualified and hold a tradesman’s certificate to work as a mechanic and the workshop in which they work is required to have a workshop license. In other states, no such licensing is required. – more from Wikipedia

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Mechanic Tools & Pit Equipment -UK

Capital Equipment Services


Machine Mart

Norbar Torque Tools

Royal Tool Control


Showtrax International

Mechanic Tools & Pit Equipment -USA

Harbor Freight

Mechanic Tools & Pit Equipment

Capital Equipment Services, Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
CES supplies a range of pit lane equipment and accessories, from complete twin diving cylinder wheel gun trolleys and single diving cylinder airjack trolleys to tyre filling regulators and accessories It manufactures a range of gas cylinder connectors and adapters for all countries. A range of self venting air couplings for wheel guns, air Jacks and tyre fill hose assemblies as well as a sample of flexible hose assemblies with a variety of fittings. All cylinders stems and connectors are designed to be interchangeable with any of its regulator range and seal handtight to 4400psi

lista (UK) Ltd, Milton Keynes, UK
Lista is the leading supplier of drawer cabinets, mobile tool chests and workbenches for all areas of motorsport, from trailers to pits, karting to FIA.

Machine Mart
Britain’s No.1 Specialist Tools and Equipment Superstores

When it comes to buying tools and equipment, you need to know you’re buying from specialists who know what they’re talking about. At Machine Mart we eat, sleep and breathe tools and equipment, and are constantly updating our range to give you the very best in choice and value for money – all backed by expert advice from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

With 53 superstores nationwide, a dedicated mail order department and a 24 hour website offering quality branded items at fiercely competitive prices, we are your first choice for quality tools and equipment.

Norbar Torque Tools ltd, Banbury, Oxfordshire,UK
Norbar has a long history of involvement in motorsport from Donald Camp bell’s 1963 land speed record attempt to the present day. Norbar manufacture a huge range of precision torque wrenches for mechanics & virtually every automotive application. Torque testers also have a vital part to play for the mechanic in the motorsport industry both for checking and calibrating torque controlled tools and for quality checks of various vehicle systems. Norbar’s UKAS accredited torque calibration laboratory is available for the calibration of all makes of torque wrenches and torque calibration systems.

Royal Tool Control Ltd, UK
Royal Tool Control Ltd, its range of mechanic tools presetting gauges and tool storage and safety handling equipment including the low cost ‘Toolmaster’ range of vision tool presetters. Royal undertake customised planning / installation of complete tool-rooms or supply individual items for your presetting requirements. Safety handling equipment for mechanics include the Toolboy’ dismantling fixtures, milling cutter guards and storage baskets plus tool load assists. Spindle cleaners for most tool shanks, including HSK (internal/external) ISO and Morse taper spindles, Sandvik ‘Capto’ Internal bores and the unique TKC cleaners for parallel bores on shrink-fit holders

Sealey was established in 1979 by John Sealey with a range of jacking and lifting equipment imported fromDenmark. From the small beginnings the business now boasts over 5000 product lines and employs over 250 staff.

The business is based in Bury St Edmunds and our warehouse boasts the biggest stocks in the business – giving a wide choice with fast delivery. Sealey has one of the widest range of own brand tools available.

Showtrax International Ltd, UK
a range of products all designed to enhance the look of the pit garage/awning. From flooring and walling to gantries and lighting. For the pit wall, there are pit perches and the new electronic timing board Also  tear off windscreens and the paint protection film products

Mechanic Tools & Pit Equipment -USA

Harbor Freight
Back in 1968 Harbor Freight Tools set out to make it easier for the working man and woman to get the best value on top-quality tools. Now, over 35 years later, we are the largest tool and equipment catalog retailer with over five million satisfied customers taking advantage of our hassle-free ordering–all backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


AF/Metric Tool Test – As carried out by James Stanbury for Practical Performance Car Magazine

We are lucky these days, why? No longer to we have to fork out an arm and a leg for decent quality tools which last and perform well. However modern tools often only tackle Metric only size bolts. To the rescue are spanners that claim to handle Metirc and Imperial size nuts and bolts greatly saving on cost and space.

But which one is the best? Here are the test results along with the spanner sets tested are their prices

Metrinch MET0110 – 46.46GBP – Best Buy – Marks: 15/20


Kamasa SP2422 – 13.09GBP – Marks: 13/20

Clarke CHT105 – 17.61GBP – Best Budget Buy – Marks: 14/20

Kamasa 55766 – 90.71GBP – Marks: 12/20

Screwfix 54030 – 17.99GBP – Recommended – Marks: 14/20

Kamasa SP2426 – 24.97GBP – Marks: 12/20

Laser 3732 – 33.41GBP – Marks: 9/20

SiegenS0404 – 19.15GBP – Marks: 9/20

Sealey AK6323 – 43.96 – Marks: 7/20



Short Chassis Jack Test- As carried out by James Stanbury for Practical Performance Car Magazine

Compact trolley jacks are fine but they are basic, they dont lift the car up very far and they can be a pain in the bum to lower because to lower the saddle the release valve is usually on the main jack body but on short chassi jacks you simply twist the handle meaning you can place the jack much further under the car to get the best jacking point. The saddle on short chassis jacks are usually much lower than compact trolley jacks.

All in all for a little extra investment a short chassis jack gives you professional quality jack over the basic amateur compact jack. Trust us, youll be glad you spent the extra cash on the short chassis jack. It will make working on your car a pleasure especially as the winning jack here came with dual circuit hydraulics (DCH) meaning that it pumps up to the desired jacking height in just a few pumps of the handle instead of the 20 or so pumps it cant take to inch up to the jacking height with cheaper jacks.

Sealey 3003CXQ – 76.34GBP – DCH: Yes – Max Lift: 50cm – Best Buy – Marks: 15/20


SIP 07236 – 255.95GBP – DCH: Yes – Max Lift: 47cm – Marks: 13/20

Draper 59301 – 60GBP – DCH: Yes, But Access Issues – Max Lift: 50cm -Recommended – Marks: 13/20

Clarke CTJ1250A – 90.46GBP – DCH: ? – Marks: 12/20

Screwfix 51547 – 59.99GBP – DCH: NO – Best Budget Buy – Marks: 13/20

Draper 37174 – 81.08GBP – DCH: NO – Marks: 12/20

SIP 07276 – 110.33GBP – DCH: Yes – Marks: 12/20

Sealey 3001LE – 126.29GBP – DCH: NO – Marks: 11/20

SIP 07126 – 89.00GBP – DCH: Yes/No – Marks: 11/20



Mig Welder Test – As carried out by James Stanbury for Practical Performance Car Magazine

Blueweld 150 – 219GBP – 16/20 – Recommended

SIP Weldmate T105P – 179GBP – 18/20 – Best Buy – Exceptional even on 22gauge steel.



Draper 72224 – 191GBP – 15/20

SIP Weldmate T105P – 176GBP – 17/20 – Recommended

Sealey PM140XT – 347.38GBP – 15/20

Clarke Mig 151TE – 234.82GBP – 10/14

Sealey PMG110 – 292.11GBP – 10/20

Clarke Mig 85ENB – 129.23 – 9/20

Draper 72226 – 194.48GBP – 5/20

If you already have a large gas bottle a gas/gasless welder is the way to go, the lack of regulator is more than compensated by the versatility of the welder.

If your using disposable gas bottles, the gas model is the way to go as the regulator is bundled in.


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