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Michelin Pilot Sport 5 vs 4S – Wet Weather

Potenza Sport vs 4S. Image of both tyres side by side.

In the battle of Pilot Sport 5 vs 4S tyres the Pilot Sport 4S tyres have the edge in the dry. But how do they compare in wet weather? Is the Pilot Sport 5 a better tyre for wet countries?

To find out I’m looking at the Tyre Reviews website to see how each of the Pilot Sport tyres compare to the Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres.

The data sources I am using is as follows.

Potenza Sport vs Pilot Sport 4S

Potenza Sport VS Pilot Sport 4 S – Tyre Reviews and Tests

2023 AZ UHP Summer Tyre Test – Tyre Reviews and Tests

2023 AutoBild Sports Car Summer Tyre Test – Tyre Reviews and Tests

Here is a summary of the results.

Pilot Sport 4SPilot Sport 5Potenza Sport4S vs PS5
Wet Braking Meters39.339.6
Wet Braking Meters39.938.1
Wet Braking Meters39.141.2Draw
Wet Corner Speed76.9880.03
Wet Corner Speed84.886.9PS5
Wet Lap78.1776.55
Wet Lap67.866.5PS5
Straight Aquaplaning80.4579.38
Straight Aquaplaning77.977.8
Straight Aquaplaning77.180.34S
Curved Aqua mtrs/s22.692.64
Curved Aqua mtrs/s22.962.72PS5

Results – Pilot Sport 5 vs 4S

Wet Braking

When using the Potenza Sport as a benchmark for wet braking the 4S and PS5 look about equal. But it should be noted that in one test the PS5 is better than the Potenza Sport, and in another test the Potenza Sport is better than the PS5. Some inconsistency here.


Wet Corner Speed

The Potenza Sport beats the PS5 and S4s. But it beats the PS5s by less.

PS5: 1 – 4S: 0

Wet Lap

The Potenza Sport beat the PS5 and 4S. But it beats the PS5s by less.

PS5: 2 – 4S: 0

Straight Aqua

In one test the PS5 beats the Potenzas, in another test the Potenzas beat the PS5s. Some inconsistency here. But the 4S beats the Potenza by a greater margin than the PS5s.

PS5: 2 – 4S: 1

Curved Aqua

PS5 beat the Potenza Sport by a bigger margin than the 4S. The PS5 also won the test for this category

PS5: 3 – 4S: 1

Conclusion – Pilot Sport 5 vs 4S

The two tyres are very closely matched but the PS5s just edges the PS4S. In wet conditions.

If you are looking for a year-round tyre and you don’t go on track, I think the Pilot Sport 5 are the tyres to go for.

If you are looking for ultimate dry weather grip at the expense of performance in the wet, the Pilot Sport 4S is probably the tyre to go for out of the two.

But having said that, the Potenza Sport may be better than both the Michelin tyres.

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