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Modified Magazine

Modified Magazine has adopted Turbo and High Tech Performance Magazine to from one of the highest quality car magazine available anywhere in the World.

What makes Modified magazine stand out is its total rejection of shows cars and trailer queens. All cars featured in the magazine have been modified to performance, it the cosmetics improve as a result so be it but the core aim of cars in Modified Magazine is to go faster and harder than the stock car.

At the time of writing Modified Magazine is going from strength to strength, every months sees more in-depth articles and more practical articles, specifically the modifications that the contributors to the magazine are doing to their own cars.

As an example an EVO X is on staff and the driver regularly reports on the effect different products have had on the lap time of the car. Golden information if you are a track day goer and especially if you want to know the effectiveness of the tuner parts available on the market.

If you’re a car enthusiast and interested in Japanese cars, Modified Magazine should definitely be on your subscription list

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