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RB30 1000+ bhp – Engine Specs by Motor Sports Mechanical

R32 GTR Motor Sports Mechanical 1100hp, 8-sec R32 GT-R  [Haltech Heroes]

By Haltech



RB30 Billet Block

Nitto 3.2 Stroker Kit

I Beam Rods

Hypertune Billet Rocker Covers

Inlet Manifold Hypertune V2

12 Injectors Siemens 2400cc

Dash 10 Fuel Lines

Turbosmart FPR 2000

Haltech Fuel Pressure Sensor

38 PSI base fuel pressure

42 PSI boost

Bosch electronic throttle body, (idle control valve not big enough for the cams)

Hypertune clamps fully hardpiped intercooler

150mm thick intercooler Hypertune

Garrett GTX45 turbo

Dump pipe 4 inch meets 3 inch exhaust

AES exhaust valve controlled by boost

ABS removed

Haltech 2400 ECU

Flex fuel sensor

12 minus 1 crank timing pulley

single pulse camshaft sensor

Ignition timing directly of crankshaft

Dry sumped

Nitrous switches off at 15PSI boost


Torque converter transmission

4200 rpm launch RPM

Electric power steering pump

Feed 040 Bosch fuel pump

20 litre surge tank

4x Bosch fuel pumps

Fuel rewiring

Remount battery

Odyssey 880CCA

150 amp RH alternator

Power and ground wires run to engine

Mechanical fuel pump, cable driven in pipeline, 4 pumps draw too much current (another example of cable drive fuel pump)

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