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Nissan Juke-R Build Video

We first saw this in EVO Magazine.

As a publicity excercise Nissan UK have commissioned RML to install the engine and drivetrain of a Nissan GTR R35 into a Nissan Juke body.

This is not he first time RML have carried out this kind of work for Nissan.

Their last project involved transplanting a Nissan 350Z motor into a Nissan Micra K12 with the engine mid mounted.

This car loved to oversteer, was quite twitchy but it was very involving to drive, like an old Porsche 911 perhaps?

The most obvious changes to the Juke-R GTR (officially called just Juke-R) is the shorter wheelbase and the flared wheel arches due to the GTR’s wider track, apart from the that and the paintwork the car looks like a factory item.

The interior is slightly different with a full roll cage and bucket seats in an interior which keeps the standard Juke dashboard.

Everything is moved back slightly though to accommodate the engine.

We have not got any details of what it is like to drive at the moment but expect huge straightline performance, excellent response to direction changes and possibly a tail out nature.


The Juke-R maybe be a bit of handful to drift but knowing how good the chassis electronics are in the R35 GTR the handling of the Juke-R could exceed all expectations. Time will tell.

With regards to a production version, Nissan UK are now taking orders for Juke-Rs with delivery for the beginning of 2013, list price is anticipated to be around 96,000GBP.

The last bit is a lie, unfortunately!

Nissan have no plans to put the Juke-R into production but if it gets a positive reception it is possible that Nissan will equip the Juke with more power, the current version has around 180bhp.

Let us all hope the Juke-R gets rave reviews, I for one would love to see Nissan taking on the BMW X1 and X3 in the small high performance off roader sector.


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