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Nissan Primera 20V P12 – 204HP

Review of Japan only Nissan Primera 20V – Nissan’s dramatic-looking family car gets serious grunt and a brilliant chassis. But only in Japan, sadly – Words Peter Nunn

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Nissan Primera 20V

Flick through The Knowledge and you’ll note that the current Nissan Primera generates not a flicker on the evo radar. This new-shape Primera 20V, just unveiled in Japan, is a whole different story. Kitted out with a zappy 2-litre engine, six-speed ‘box, trick suspension and meaty wheels, the 20V looks good, goes hard, yet can potter to the supermarket without fuss.

Nissan Primera 20V

Japanese Market Only Nissan Primera SR20VE 20V

So here’s what you’re missing. Think of this 1998cc variable-cam engine as Nissan’s answer to Honda’s VTEC. Producing 204bhp, it breaks through the normally aspirated 100bhp-per-litre barrier and generates 152lb ft of torque at 5200rpm.

Nissan’s variable valve timing and lift (VVL) system has been around in Japan since 1997 yet remains one of the company’s best kept secrets. Dropped into this new 20V (originally tipped to wear the far sexier GT badge), this particular VVL engine is all new bar the cylinder block. It brings high/low-speed cam profiles and independent electronic control of the exhaust and intake valves, giving three cam profile and valve combinations. A variable intake manifold tract and drive-by-wire throttle also join the party. When it comes to engine tech, Nissan can turn it on as well as anyone, as the Skyline GT-R has proved.


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