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Nissan Tuners – Nissan Tuning Specialists

Nissan tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, engine tuning, repairs, engine rebuilds, shops and retailers, manufacturers and part fitting.

Names include Nismo, MazWorx, Rips, Mines, JUN offering tuning services and parts for the Skyline, GTR, 200ZX, 240SX, 300zx, Primera, Silvia, Sunny, Pulsar, Almera and Primera.



Nissan Tuning Specialists

CRD NSW Australia

Full race preparation including engine building. RB26 GTR specialists

Motorsport Mechanical NSW Australia

RB26 engine building and engine tuning specialist as well as offering full race and drag preparation. Basically, if you want a fast GTR, these guys can help


AAA HiPeformance Auto 300ZX Specialist – Texas USA
Over 30 years in the Automotive field World Record Holder Drag Racing B/MP with over 2000hours of Tool and Die Building street and strip engines.Programming engine management systems for the 300zx Twinturbo..Nistune Dealer, tuning 300zx. ECU eprom upgrades.
Offering Nistune Real Time Tuning for Nissan 300zx Z31, Z32, S14, S15, and SKyline. ECU eprom upgrades along with ECU socketing. Installing engines built for street and strip.
Dealer for Billet Turbos, G Force electronic boost controller, Riken Raptor tires.

Car Planet Racing CPR
A specialist tuner of the R35 GTR. CPR offer a complete range of upgrades for the GTR including remaps, de cat pipes, high flow cat back systems, performance intakes, actuators, turbo upgrades, fuel injectors and Y Pipe. At the time of writing the site has a lot of dead pages, the packages sections work for the GTR not sure about the other links

Japanese Performance Magazine did an article on CPR and their tuning for the GTR. This is what they found. (All power figures at the wheels)

Baseline – 386bhp at the wheels @ 6350rpm & 490lbs/ft @ 3800rpm. Peak boost around 13psi with rich AFR of 10.1 at high rpm.

Stage 1 – 401.8bhp @ 6500rpm + 15bhp over standard with CPR decat centre section

Stage 2 – 419bhp @6400rpm +18bhp over decat with Downpipe back CPR race exhaust.

Stage 3 – 472.1bhp @6250rpm + 53b hp over downpipe back with Cobb Tuning reflash Price 4025GBP.

Comments: Standard actuator springs didn’t seem to be able to hold the same boost pressure when they got hot. New actuators should solve the problem.

IA Motorsport (Sittingbourne Kent, England)
IA Motorsport specalise in performance car tuning and repairs. We have vast experiance in car race preparation, from engine rebuilds to 4 wheel alignment using our state of the art laser alignment system which is precise to 0.01°. In addition we also provide corner weighting to precisely setup your cars geometry. We offer a dyno service using our own 2 wheel dyno dynamics dynamometer.

4 wheel alignment
– Corner Weighting
– Engine ECU Tuning
– Engine Rebuilds
– Dyno rolling road service

You have come to the right place if you want a custom-built RB engine or top quality custom fabricated parts for your Nissan RB powered road/race car.

In New Zealand, R.I.P.S currently have the fastest street Skyline, fastest Japanese street car, fastest Pro Import on petrol, the worlds fastest 240z and the worlds fastest RB30

Plus, the owner Robbie Ward holds more than three times as many import drag records than any other driver in NZ.

R.I.P.S specialise in custom making things you can’t buy ‘off the shelf’ and all of our products are made to an extremely high standard.

R.I.P.S build RB series engines from mild to wild with the RB30, 2WD or 4WD, being our specialty.

R.I.P.S ship all over the world and our policy is ‘quality and customer satisfaction come first’

PDM Racing
PDM Racing has been open for retail work for the past 5 years, and specializes in high performance suspension tuning, alignments, wheel and tire work and custom installations.

The 4,600 square foot retail facility houses state of the art equipment that can handle today’s modern performance vehicles. Our Hunter 611 computerized alignment rack is one of the nicest units in the Province custom modified to accept THE lowest street and race cars. We set up everything from auto-x and race cars, to every day performance vehicles and cater to custom spec alignments for our cliental. In addition PDM Racing can do corner weighing for vehicles with ride height adjustment.


NisTune are the number one choice for tuning your Nissan. No ther company to our knowledge, gives you as much control of your Nissan ECU ans NisTune. NisTune let you explore the full potential of your OEM ECU. NisTune are Hondata for Nissan.
NisTune are the number one choice for tuning your Nissan. No other company, to our knowledge, gives you as much control of your Nissan ECU as NisTune. NisTune let you explore the full potential of your OEM ECU. NisTune are Hondata for Nissan.

Live engine mapping using your original ECU. “It’s like Hondata but for Nissan” massive range of functions in windows format

Our system is becoming one of the easiest, user friendly and fully featured tuning systems available for Nissan vehicles. Not only does it provide standard Nissan Consult functionality, it allows real time tuning with our custom designed boards and plug in wideband support with full logging and playback facilities.

NIStune is being used by many tuners and personal users throughout Australia and worldwide on various types of Nissan Vehicles and is available for purchase registered basis with full support available. Software updates with fixes and new features are available .

NIStune uses emulators or one of our daughter boards along with our specialised software to provide tuning capabilities including map tracing and real time editing of maps, constants and tables for your Nissan ECU. All changes are made in real time so you can feel the engine change and watch the outputs from the all sensors while adjustments are made.

PLMS Developments
Electronic specialist for Nissan engines especially the SR20. PLMS manufacture their own Nissan Condult cable for use with diagnostic and tuning software. Site also covers ignition timing tuning on the SR20 and other electronic related areas. Well worth a read

Fusion Motorsport
We now offer Nissan ECU re-mapping. (If you want to know more about the basics of mapping please see this page.) What this means is we take your stock OEM ECU, and make a minor modification to it which allows us to tune – in real-time EVERY parameter of it.

Horsham Developments
Nissan tuning specialist offering corner weighting, wheel alignment, engine building, suspension and the normal performance part selection as well as servicing. Horsham Developments also offer engine mapping services as well as NisTune boards and software to allow DIY remapping/reflashing of the original Nissan ECU!

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Mines Wave
One of the most respected Nissan tuners in Japan. Cars tend to have the sleeper look but have it where it counts. Mines produce their own range of exhausts, cams, air filters, ecus and also produce complete engines.
Mines R34 Skyline, the Ultimate response machine!!


Jun Auto
Japanese based tuning company manufacturing its own engine parts in house as carrying out car preparation and selling complete engine. Specialises in Nissan tuning.
Jun R33 Skyline driven by Jeremy Clarkson

Suspension, engine parts, big brake kits, camshafts, ecu, radiators, fuel injectors, dry carbon parts for Nissan R34, R33, R32, Z33, V35

sunline racing
manufacturer of lightweight body parts such as doors, diffusers, gt rear wings, bonnets and boot lids. Offers a wide arch body kit for the Nissan Skyline R34GTR as well as body kit parts for the suzuki swift. Japanese manufacturer of high performance exhaust systems and exhaust manifolds for NA and Turbo engines. manufacturer of various suspension components for Nissan cars. (Japan)
Brief tour (in Japanese) of the Sunline Carbon kitted R34


BeeR                    uk supplier –
Nissan Tuning Parts. Skyline specialist offering pistons, cam shafts, ecus and body kits and parts

Nissan Tuning Specialist. NISMO are Nissans in house tuning arm

Everything G20
Nissan Primera performance parts. The Nissan Primera is called the Infiniti G20 in the states. Everything G20 supplies performance engine parts such as Jim Wolf Technologies, uprated brake components with discs from Stillen and pads from Metal Matrix. Nismo Wheels and Tein Suspension.
if you’ve got a Nissan Primera, well worth a look but check the fitment of the parts before you order.

Jim Wolf Technology                   uk dealer – not known
Nissan Engine tuning specialist. Every part for every Nissan engine? Maybe. Comprehensive list of HIGH performance parts for Nissans including the Nissan Primera/Infiniti G20, Nissan 200SX and 240SX and Nissan 300ZX.

Abbey Motorsport
Nissan Skyline specialist for engine tuning with services and products covering engine management, turbos, performance air filter and performance exhausts.

Nissan tuning specialist focusing on the Nissan Skyline and Nissan Sunny GTIR.

Norris Designs
Nissan engine tuning specialist covering the Nissan 200sx, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Sunny and Nissan Pulsar GTIR.

Ray Mallock
Having managed Nissan’s successful British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) campaigns of the late nineties, RML were held in high-esteem by the Japanese giant, and entrusted with making the Micra R real.

Rising Sun Performance
Nissan Tuner – Nissan Skyline engine tuning specialist from full engine rebuilds to servicing and performance parts from Apexi, Greddy and more.

Z Tech
Nissan Tuner – Nissan 300ZX specialist tuner undertaking all work including engine rebuilds, engine tuning and turbo uprgades/repair.

Drift Works
Online community for drifting in the UK and Ireland. Contains online shop selling all manner of parts for the S13, S14, S15, 200SX, Skyline R32 and R33.

DP Motorsport
Car tuner carrying out any tuning work you can think of to supplying and fitting performance parts to set up engine management chip, engine rebuilds race and fast road (with same day fitting available) and custom performance exhaust fabrication from complete systems to custom turbo manifolds for turbo conversions. Nissan Pulsar/Nissan Sunny GTiRs are a speciality with their customer cars being featured in numerous magazines. Jason Gant and Luwi Roberts GTiR were both tuned by DP Motorsport and these cars are amongst the fastest in the country with numerous 0-60 and 1/4 mile records to back up their performance.

Japanese manufacturer of numerous performance exhaust systems for Nissan SR20 powered cars including the sr20de and sr20det. Exhaust systems for the Nissan Primera, Nissan 200sx and Nissan Sunny/Nissan Pulsar.

Nissan Tuning Specialist. A total aftermarket tuner manufacturing parts for Nissan cars. A racing proven pedigree, not the cheapest parts by any stretch of the imagination but maybe the best

Zed World
The original Nissan 300zx specialist, service, repairs, distmantling 300zx twin turbo and non turbo.

RK Tuning
Nissan Skyline tuning specialist carrying out all work on R32, R33 and R34 Skylines GTR or GTS. From routine Nissan Skyline servicing to stroker kits, engine rebuilds, race engines and ecu tuning and setting up. RK Tuning runs one of the fastest, if not the fastest Skyline in the UK. TOTB Arabia winner, BDRA Drag Racing Champion

Nissan Tuning – USA

5523 Motorsports (California) SR20VE specialist

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Forged Performance – Marietta Georgia
Nissan tuning house specialising in the GTR, 350Z, 370Z and Inifiniti G35 and G37. Forged Performance carry out all typesof work from routine servicing to race car build and fabrication, including welding, custom exhausts, custom suspension alignment and dyno tuning. No job too big or too small

G-Spec Menifee California
Nissan Sr20 and Sr20VE specialist. Loads of OEM and performance parts, from oil pumps and water pumps to turbo kits and VET pistonrings

Kineitx Racing
Nissan 350Z G35 performance part  specialist. Part available include high flow intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, manifold spacers, suspension components such as camber arms and high flow cats.


SR20DE, SR20DET, SR20VE and SR20VET turbo specialist. Excellent website listing a hug range of products both for the VE and DE motors. Part including VE head DE block conversion kits for the S13 and S14 200SX chassis. Valve springs and retainers for the VE, FWD 5 speed to 6 speed gearbox conversion, intake manifold spacers for the S14/S15 to allow top feed injectors, complete short blocks with standard capacity up to 2.34litres they even manufacture their own torque plate for accurate cylinder boring of the SR20. They also offer race car and drift car builds including space frame construction

Mazworx founded in 2004, has been on the cutting edge of performance, product research and development, and fabrication. We have dedicated our expertise over the years from racing and product development to create the best performance parts on market. Although we are known for our world’s most powerful Nissan SR20 powerplants, our performance product knowledge does not end there. From building full chassis race cars, cnc machine product development, full engine building capabilites, custom fabrication product development, we are your one stop go-fast facility.

Be sure to check out our current projects section to see what endless capabilities we have.

Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Cylinder head packages for Nissani SR20 and RB26 engines – Port Flow Design is a leader in cylinder head technology with a state of the art operation.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you with your racing needs.

Port Flow Design specializes in cylinder heads for all types of racing applications. Founded in 1982, Port Flow Design has worked with the top racing associations, which include: NHRA, NASCAR, INDY CAR, SAC, SCCA, and IMSA.

Through the years we have studied and worked with the best in the industry to learn more about race engine development. Working for such companies like:

HPD (Honda Performance Development)
NPTI (Nissan Performance Technology)
Porsche Motorsports
TRD (Toyota Racing Development)

SYKO Performance
Specialists in converting the Nissan 240SX to RB25DET power

SYKOPERFORMANCE is the brainchild of innovative custom car builder, Gary Narusawa.   With over 20 years of custom car building experience, he is now supplying the industry with a new line of performance products.  He is a leader in Nissan RB series engine conversions, with over 6 years experience in this specialized field.

Nissan Tuning – Japan

NIssan Skyline R34 tuning specialist

Garage MAK
Specialist 200SX tuner, specifically the S15. A wide range of body kits, bumpers, splitters, winglets, spats, wide arch fenders, carbon interior parts, including complete dashboard, air bag cover,  centre console, gull wing doors, S13 to S15 front end conversion kits, air ducts, exhaust manifolds for Trust TD06, HKS GT30Pro, HKS T04Z, intake manifolds with internal velocity stacks/trumpets, hoods, fenders, side skirts, rocker panels made out of Fiberglass and Carbon Fibre.

Matchless Crowd Racing
Exhaust, Intake, Suspension, for Nissan 370Z, 350Z, Skyline R32, R33, R34 GTR, R35 GTR, Suzuki Swift Sports,

Nissan Tuning General Information

NEO VVL Owners
Forum dedicated to the SR20VE and SR16VE engines from the UK


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