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No Duramax Reflashing Software? No Problem! | Derring Inline Tuner [TECH TALK]

By High Performance Academy

Banks Power taking the tuning box game forward by a leap.

As all good quality tuning boxes, the Banks Power product is calibrated from the factory because it is a plug and play solution for extra power.

Where Banks take the game forward is in allowing their tuning box to communicate and read the vehicles OBD data so it can constantly monitor paramters like EGTs, AFRs, boost pressure and if it sees the tuning box is taking these paramters into areas which may cause a check engine light, the Banks Power tuning box can back off the tune.

This, in theory, greatly reduces the chance of the engine showing a check engine light in normal use. A check engine light in itself is not bad however if the engine’s ECU thinks something is seriously a-miss it can put the engine into limp mode which can be a pain. By monitoring the OBD data the Bank Power can pre-empt the check engine light issues.

Banks Power also say that the tuning box can adapt to check engine lights by detecting when these problems might occur and adapt the way the tuning box works, for example, reducing fuel pressure at a certain point in the RPM range or by increasing the fuel pressure more gradually. Although it was not clear in the video if this is done when the product is installed on the customers engine or if this extra tuning is done in the development stage of the product.

With regards to safety. The Banks Power tuning box is not necessarily “safer” because it reads to the OBD data. It depends on the engine ECU. If, from the factory, the engine ECU is monitoring AFRs and EGTs the engine is going to be safe anyway. There is possibly a case for saying that on engines where the ECU is not monitoring EGTs for example, that a tuning box could let the engine run hotter that is advisable.

An additional benefit of the Banks Power tuning box is the ability to add sensors to the Banks Power OBD gauge which can in turn send to the tuning box for even more data.

The gentleman from Banks Power in the video also said that the Banks Power tuning box has in built relays so if the tuning box itself believes the engine is not working properly, for whatever reason, it can immediately switch back to the stock map by bypassing the tuning box completely.

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