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OBD Code Reader – Probably the best available with Bluetooth (Android Only)


There are many OBD code readers on the market from super cheap to super expensive.

Buy the Vgate iCar2 on eBay UK here

Buy the Vgate iCar2 on eBay USA here

While the expensive ones are good and support most if not all OBD2 vehicles, their problem, for lack of a better word, is that they are expensive.

The cheaper OBD code readers tend to have limited protocol support and the build quality can be a bit flaky.

In our experience the Vgate icar2 is the best compromise. It is not as cheap as the other code readers on the market but the build quality is great and it supports a huge range of protocols, we have not found a car that is not covered yet.

The Vgate may not have all the bells and whistles of the expensive readers, it does all the job most people will ever need. And if the generic apps dont have what you need, you can get some professional features by downloading a car manufacturer specific app from the Google Play Store.

One thing to note with the Vgate Bluetooth code reader. It supports Android only.

Buy the Vgate iCar2 on eBay UK here

Buy the Vgate iCar2 on eBay USA here

Find OBD apps to work with the Vgate here


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