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Octavia RS 1.8T Project, Clutch+Service – How Much?!

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know the Octavia RS project car had a clutch issue. Also, the suspension didn’t feel perhaps as sharp as it could even with new springs. And the wheel alignment was out. Changing the clutch is bit above my capability so I took it to a firm called Turbo Speed in Thessaloniki.

What was done and how much did it cost?

When I dropped the Octavia RS off with them, I said that the clutch was probably on the way out, the alignment was out and if they could have a general check around the car to see what things could do with sorting. I’d spoke to them about the car a few months ago so they it was a bit of a project.

Octavia RS in for service at TurboSpeed Thessaloniki

Things done.

General look over of car for any issues (issues listed below)

Filters changed oil, fuel

Oil changed

Spark plugs changed

Octavia RS service. The new spark plugs

Oil bung in oil pan rewelded due to thread in pan being stripped

Dampers changed front and rear including top mounts

Front brake discs and pads changed

Octavia RS service. The old brake pads.

Brake booster fixed, hose was disconnected.

Clutch changed

Octavia RS single mass flywheel

Gearbox steam cleaned inside and out

Octavia RS service. Gearbox cleaned.

Front hubs cleaned

Octavia RS service. Hubs cleaned

Tie rod ends changed

General refresh of nuts and bolts (many nuts and bolts not correct type in suspension and gearbox)

Many nuts and bolts not correct.

Front wishbone rear bushes changed to Audi TT items

Wishbones changed both sides front

Intercooler pipes cleaned

Full wheel alignment

What they found

Downpipe spiral has small hole

Tyres generally tired with cracks but only four years old! (Goodyear Eagle F1s)

One tyre damaged

Rear camber settings off

Intercooler piping loose

Intercooler hose damaged a bit because it can rub on the road occasionally (due to piping being loose)

Top mounts worn (changed)

Dog bone mount rewelded at some point. Repairs looks strong.

How Much Did That Lot Come To?

600 Euro excluding the parts.

Octavia RS Service – How Did It Feel After?

I did a video for the Sachs dampers here, and for the Sachs clutch here. Generally, it felt good. Clutch is bedded in now and doesn’t seem to have any problems holding the power.

The plugs. Not sure what was in there before but feels a bit lumpy when cold with the new ones. So I think I’ll be swapping the Laser Platinums out for Denso Iridiums to see if that improves things. Subscribe for that video.

Now I can use the power another issue has cropped up. The power seems to die of a lot in the higher gears if the foot is down for more than about 5 seconds. Feels like it could be pulling timing but I will need to do some datalogs to find out. Video upcoming, subscribe to the channel for that video.

All-in-all feels like a normal car now. Money well spent.

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