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Photobucket – Is it the dumbest business on the internet?


Photobucket had/has real estate (photos) on hundreds of thousands of pages, if not millions of internet pages.

Their problem was they weren’t get paid to host the photos.

Lots of private people were hosting their hobby pictures and Photobucket were not getting a cent for the service they were providing.

So what was Photobucket’s solution?

Offer an “entry” image hosting package that costs 400USD a year that will restore the previously free service.

A couple of things crop to mind instantly.

By doing this, and breaking/vandalising hundreds of thousands of internet pages by replacing people’s photos with their logo they have totally and utterly lost the trust of their prospective customers.

Which then leads to the thought, “has Photobucket being taken over by an evil entity committed to completely destroying Photobucket?”

And the second thought being, is Photobucket run by the stupidest people on the planet? Photobucket had a massive presence on the internet and yet the best idea they could come up with to get revenue was to vandalise the internet. I cannot think of a more self destructive action.

For example, could have used their presence to display ads. For some reason, Photobucket decided nah…..


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