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Pipercross Viper Dyno Test

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Pipercross Viper Dyno Test

Pipercross Viper Air Filter Test – This is a comparison test we carried out on a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6, 2001. We compared the Ford Focus standard air box against a Pipercross Viper Air Filter Kit. 

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The Test

We carried out 3 power runs on the Focus standard air box and took the maximum reading. We then replaced this with a pipercross Viper Air Filter Kit and carried out two runs, one with the bonnet open and the last one with the bonnet closed, as it turned out having the bonnet open or closed made no difference to the figures, they were identical showing that the induction system was shielding the hot air in the engine by from the filter.


A 5hp gain at the wheels or a 7% gain. On the road the car felt a lot more responsive, was more willing to rev and was better to drive, all in all a modification well worth the effort. Looking at the graphs it can be seen power drops of significantly after 5,500 rpm, this could well be down to the standard ecu. We will reprogram or replace the ecu at some point and see how much power we can get, if we can get the power to keep climbing up to the limiter we could be looking at 120bhp at the flywheel or 90bhp at the wheels.


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